The #MMskydive photos part 2 3

As I shared the pictures from the first group to go up, here are the photos of group 2, my plane! Eek. Photos are kindly taken by other team Matilda Mae members. My #MMskydive dvd and professional photos arrived yesterday, so they will be being shared shortly too.


Clare, Lucy and Me. Not sure where Sarah was at this point, but she was in our plane.


Just before going up. Oh My Gawd….


Goodbye Lucy!


Those straps hurt!


My legs going up ready for the landing.


Busy landing, I came down last, you can see Sarah on the left, and Clare on the right.


Crying! I told you I don’t do heights.


Clare and I. Safely on solid ground.


Thumbs up from the Lovely Lucy.


The after photo. Kip, stop hiding!

I was terrified, and my fear came out as an utterly sweary rant in the plane, the air was blue. The pilot, yes, the pilot, was laughing at me. He actually turned around to have a giggle at me as I said “Can’t he just fly this thing straight!?” as I was crying worse at every bump and change of altitude. My most used words in the plane were “F**K F***KITY F**K”, I was trying not to swear, but the fear was winning.

Anyway, if you appreciate the fact that I am brave crazy enough to skydive a second time for the lullaby trust please please sponsor me? The link is 


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