What I’ve learned at blogcamp (#BCUK) 16

Today I went to Birmingham to chat and have coffee with bloggers learn things. If you’re a blogger and have no idea what blogcamp is, it’s a free bloggers event thingamywhatsit organised by those lovely Tots100 folk. The day centers around coffee, cake and cookies talking sessions such as how to properly use your SLR camera and how to collaborate with other bloggers more successfully. I zoned in on the “travel blogger” focused sessions as I really would love to travel more. I did not swat-up on who was talking, which brands were sponsoring the event (Show Room and Cow and Gate)  or ask loads of bloggers who was and wasn’t planning on coming.

Neat little gadget

How To Make A Blog Badge 1

Firstly find or make yourself a “badge” – Badges can be various sizes. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a standard size, but think about what works nicely in your blogs sidebar. Might I suggest 125 x 125 pixels, or 200 x 150 pixels. If it is too big other blogs might not want to use it. Find an image that suits your blog, think about the colours and style. If you blog is all in pastels you don’t want a dark image really, you want it to remind readers about your site. If your blog is about baking use a cake photo rather than a photo of yourself or your pet! Also if you use a certain image as you blog header already, edit this to the required size to use something familiar to your readers as your badge. My example below is a photo of my own notebook, cropped […]

This water shortage 2

Evening folks, I very rarely watch the news anymore because of having internet. Anyways, tonight I watched the news and they were banging on about water shortages. It’s an important issue, but they tend to just try to get the phrase “hosepipe ban” on air as often as then can. This doesn’t help! Simple things we can all do:Don’t overfill the bath.Have showers if possible.Turn tap off when brushing teeth.Use the half flush button on your loo.Fit a Hippo flush or similar.Water garden using rainwater butts.Plant bulbs not seeds (they seem to handle drought better).Water from boiled veg is good plant food.Use Eco programs on washing machines. Add your own tips as comments if you wish…. 🙂