London Toy Fair

Today and yesterday I’ve been in the city, at Kensington Olympia for Toy Fair. This is a massive exhibition of toy brands and promoters, if you are a toy geek this might be heaven.
Lego, Knex, Playmobil, Microscooters, Popples, Nerf, Care bears, Danger Mouse, Minions, tons of teddies and toy cars, . It’s all here. I’ve had some nice chats, and nearly nodded off in the press room. Note to self Do Not Sit Down when you are busy, it always makes me super sleepy.

miniature building bricks

Nanoblock is getting so much more detailed, I was drawn to the Ardman characters.

This is a bit like window shopping in a massive toy shop, you can’t buy things from most of the stands, the items are display toys – and you are encouraged to touch and try things out. I have found myself talking about toys I didn’t even know existed until this weekend, and fiddling with some toys I had previously dismissed as “not very good” or “they look boring”. When you can actually play with and test things it makes you appreciate them more.

loads of Tsum Tsum plush toys

I’d heard about Tsum Tsums but didn’t appreciate them until I got up close with this lot.

I got far too excited about Tsum Tsums, and MicroScooters and could just take the whole stand home. Then the child of the Eighties retro vibe kicked in. So many things I had as a child seem to be coming back, Popples, Care Bears, Thunderbirds and Rubiks cubes. I know, I know, I don’t have daughters but I really think I could just play and review them myself.

Lego do huge Star Wars model

BB8 and Kylo-Ren. Amazing!

There are Star Wars and Finding Dory items all over the place. Reporters and celebrities all round. Mixed in with the big names are lots of kitsch new toys that make you smile or cringe. Almost everything I’ve played with I love, thank you Toy Fair.

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