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Brewers Fayre are upping their game for the children this February half term and are hosting a barrel load of Beano fun in selected restaurants. Your little folks get a rather cool Beano comic to keep them busy at the table, or they can play in the soft play areas. The play areas have recently been given a Beano themed makeover and they can also ask for a Beano balloon after their dinner if they fancy it.

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th at selected Brewers Fayres there will even be a disco. The toddlers party is scheduled from 9:30am until 3pm then the bigger kids are welcomed between 3:30pm to 7:30pm and costs just £3 per child. Full details of the restaurants that are hosting these discos will be online at Brewers Fayre from 2nd February, so bookmark it now if you are interested.


The free Beano comic was supplied with crayons.

What was the comic itself like? I thought it wasn’t bad. I was a Beano and Dandy reader as a child myself, but Blokey was apparently a huge fan of the Beano as he was pointing out all the characters they don’t have in it these days. Let’s ignore his opinion here as it was 3 votes of “good” to his “meh” vote. It had some standard comic story boards and a few pages to colour, a jokes page and some basic puzzles. You can even read it online if you want a peek now.

Brewers Fayre bar

The bar and a quiet corner.

A tip for the adults, they have a pretty well stocked bar but even better is the Costa coffee machine is on the counter for free refills. Grab as many cuppas as you need. In other places with refillable or bottomless drinks you have to ask your waiter or waitress then feel cheeky after refill two. Not at Brewers Fayre, and it’s the same with soft drinks for the kids. Self service machines rock when you have an impatient little person like our Jen.

The soft play

The boys burned off some energy before dinner came.

Soft play isn’t available at the nearest Brewers Fayre to our home , but Elmbury Lodge is only at Tewkesbury so it’s not that far away. Some of the Brewers Fayres with larger play areas charge £3 for 90 minutes (which lets be honest is good) but Elmbury have never charged us. It’s free for customers, and although they don’t have an official minimum spend to get in to soft play a lot of parents apparently only buy a coffee, and maybe a slice of cake to go with it. Heck, go for 2 pudding from the “2 for £2.50” bit on the menu if you are felling a bit naughty. Depending on which pudding it can be cheaper to munch 2 than just the 1…. I call that guilty free pudding right there.

Dinner at Brewers Fayre

I had chicken tikka and Blokey had “Ultimate sausage & mash”.

The mains aren’t bad either, you can choose specific meals from the menu like Blokey and I did, or you can do what they call Chefs Counter which was hotdog night when we visited. The boys were given a plate each and told its all you can eat from the buffet style hot counter. Hotdogs, burgers, cheese, onion rings, a variety of potato based sides, baked beans, bacon etc.. Check the menu at your local online here and see the full choices, but if you have fussy eaters this is heaven if you pick the right evening to suit your nippers. It costs £6.99 per adult and a bargain at £4.49 – that’s right, I paid under a fiver for “all he can eat” for a teenager that’s taller than some adults we know. We asked if they wanted to charge him as an adult to be more fair on them, but they refused.

The pudding selection at Brewers Fayre

Pudding, pudding and more puddings.

When we went it was later in the evening, on an icy night with a sprinkling of snow so we couldn’t really play outside (sorry for the photo quality on the park snap), but there is an outside play section that is accessible from within the restaurant so your darlings can run about outside. It is surrounded by high fencing to stop children running towards the road or car park so this should get you enough time to read a magazine in peace, if you’re lucky.

Child friendly areas at Brewers Fayre

Dee and Jen are in “the Den” area, which is for children’s parties, and the outdoor park area.


February half term, information on with branches have parties should be on Brewers Fayre website from February the 2nd. Coffee or fizzy drinks are on free refills, and all you can eat Chefs Counter buffet is £6.99 weekdays and £9.99 on the weekends.

Disclosure : we were provided with a good discount (almost free) but my opinions remain honest. I couldn’t fault them at all, there was nothing wrong at all.

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