My fruit trees 14

Since we got chickens my garden has been a mess. They scratch and dig and peck so much it is like a desert of dust out there. I got bored of trying to keep it as a nice flower and veggie patch, and planted fruit bushes and trees. At ground level I dug in hundreds of bulbs and put lots of grass seed down, I do mean lots as I’ve done it several times. Those chickens are brutal plant murders I tells ya! Nothing grows. Until now…..









Looking good right. Are you thinking that garden doesn’t seem so bad? Well up close its good, in places.


The complete view.

Not so good now huh? Chickens should come with a warning – “these birds ruin pretty gardens.”
So now my garden is properly ugly but I get eggs and soon fruit. Things are looking up.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

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14 thoughts on “My fruit trees

  • Chris at Thinly Spread

    I love a fruitful garden! I fight my cats – not as destructive as chickens but not far off. I’ve planted fruit trees and shrubs this year because I’m fed up of annual produce getting scoffed by slugs! Your plums look lovely 😉

  • Mammasaurus

    Chickens are garden demons – we used to have some until a couple of years ago when they got wiped out by severe red mite. I do miss them though, for all their scritting up grass ways, they were so much fun to watch – and nothing beats poaching a home grown egg!

    Thanks for joining in and sharing!

  • Sian

    You have chickens! Fab! (Less fab about them destroying your garden – I hope they lay extra eggs and say sorry in return)

    All of those fruit trees are making my mouth water. Especially the plum tree. I remember having one in the garden as a kid and carrying in buckets full of the things.

    Nom nom.

  • Annie

    Thank you so much for your advice on keeping chickens (or not!) over on my blog! I love your fruit trees – these are excatly what we want on our allotment 🙂

  • Ojo Henley

    So that is my excuse, some random chicken person is creeping into my garden at night……..

    NO?? humph, thought I had an excuse for my crappy garden then lol x

  • Leslie

    I wanted to grow my own fruit trees this year. The boyfriend told me it could take up to 5 years to produce fruit, that discouraged me so I scrapped the idea. I can’t wait to see the delish morsels that will come from your trees though.

    • JulieRoo Post author

      I’ve had the smaller trees about a year. 😉 It depends what you buy, check the label for exactly what the tree is and Google it. Our big cherry tree said 5 years but we had first fruit in second year, it it was only a handful. In year three and four was pretty good.

  • Lauranne

    I quite fancied the idea of hens for fresh eggs but now I may stick to veg, although I love that you are growing fruit it’s something I always fancied but just assumed wouldn’t grow over here!