Welcome to Anneka and Edwina 7

Tikka the chicken was struggling and lonely since Freya Woof “got” poor Fajita. So yesterday we drove a few miles into the countryside to a farm to get a few more chickens. That was the plan, a few small, cheap chickens. The hens the boys chose were not cheap. I should have said “No way” at the prices, but the boys had decided and I didn’t have the heart to refuse. £35 each!! Ah well, it’s done now.

Tiny Me – Yay 12

Last night I went to dinner with Ionela and Ben from Tiny Me and a few other lovely bloggers. Tiny Me sell personalised items like name labels, lunch bags, wooden puzzles, wall decoration stickers, and calendars. The idea is you make a “Tiny Me” or computerised avatar of your child, then use this image on your personal items. You choose either an avatar or a theme like cars or wildlife, then colour options and the total combinations possible comes to millions according to Ben. I’ve not counted, but just bags have 11 styles, several fabric colours, thousands of possible avatars, or quite a few themes instead, and then you can still add any name, and change the background colours in the logo. My head hurts trying to guess wether the exact same combinations have ever been ordered by separate costumers.

Animal Lovers and Their Pets

Pet footprints! As regular readers to MRB know, I can’t live without my pets. I adore animals, my ideal job would be working with an animal rescue group. I’m scared of dogs, although I think that could get better over time. The amazing things owners do for their pets… On the Huff Post it has a cute slideshow showing a few lovely reunions and tender pet moments. John and his dog Schoep went viral on ‘tinternet following the article here Huffington post story with photos. A short while later an update is posted on Huff Post, explaining the dog got so much support from this, it saved his life as his distraught owner was considering having him put down to end the pain. So this story had a happy ending. I have done some daft things with my pets over the years, particularly with Peter rabbit, a large grey bunny I […]