Worried For Maggie 5

My little cutey with the attitude, Maggie rabbit, is ill. 50/50 chance ill.
When I bought her for a tenner it felt like a rehome/rescue. She was living with a breeder who proudly said what a good mother Maggie was, and how I could get “decent money if you breed her.”
Of course I wanted her to retire her immediately. The poor little bun was terrified of the people she was with and hated the male rabbits she was in tiny hutches next to.


Today, when she started nibbling food.

Since we got her in the summer she’s always been a stroppy little lady. She’s lovely with Bart and Mo, they rarely attempt hanky panky with her, to be honest they ignore her like that and the boys are like a gay couple with Maggie as the female best mate.
She bites and growls at people, but I’m fine with this. It’s just how she is, I would rather a moody rabbit than a robotic and dull bunny.

Last night I went to feed her. She ignored the food. This aint normal… Not at all normal. I open the bedroom door, she turns her head away from me and I see blood dripping from her bits and bobs. Poor little love! I had to stick Freya in her crate and Maggie came in for hugs and care. I squished bunny food into warm water and hand blendered it until like wall paper paste consistency and fed her using a calpol syringe. A messy business.
She needed a bath afterwards. No attempt to move away from the running water but she was drinking this warm water. I got the hair dryer out, she stayed calm, no attempt to move. A normally feisty spirted rabbit being so placid is worrying.

I thought she would die in the night, so I found Dotty’s old indoor hutch and locked her into the kids room, away from Freya who thinks bunnies are food not friends.
Over night she nibbled a tiny tiny bit of apple, less than a mouse on a diet. Its a start.

The vet has given her 2 injections, I held her whilst he did it. Take that needle phobia! She’s also got medicine for me to give twice daily and stronger syringe food for poorly buns. The vet says “the prognosis isn’t good, I won’t lie. She’s got 50/50 chance of living, but lets not give up on her yet.”

My response was “I’m not giving up, she’s my friend.”
She’s currently in between the two front doors, inside so warmer than being in the garden but a bit safer from Freya woof and her instincts to hunt rodents.


Nice bunny, mankey syringey bunny food.

Come on Maggie Moo we luves you. Xxxxxxxx

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