Dear bunny rabbit owners 1

If you are a long term reader of my blog or social media channels, I’m sure you’ll have noticed I love my pets. A lot. This has taken time to admit, but I caused the death of my darling Maggie. I didn’t do it intentionally, and I am only talking about it as a warning to other bunny people. What happened? I hosed her, Bart and Mo off in the heat. The hosepipe was on a fine mist to cool them gently. It’s a heatwave in England, and our buns have never experienced such heat – I was trying to be nice to them. Instead the “wet fur smell” attracted flies. They bit her and laid eggs, if I’d known this, I could have saved her. This evil situation is called flystrike. It is preventable, but I had no idea just how deadly it was. In my life I have […]

PetShopBowl – a review 5

Pet Shop Bowl recently sent me a parcel for the fluffy residents of my home. For the little critters (Bart, Mo, and Patch the rabbits, and Harry the guinea pig.) Hay – All little herbivore rodents should have hay. My Patch is a strange old guy and prefers to eats paper and straw, he doesn’t like hay. But then we all know a child that will not eat green vegetables. Patch is jolly old though at 10 or 11 years old now, I wouldn’t recommend paper and straw as a diet, but it’s not stunted his life expectancy. When we bought Patch we were told his breed of bunnies live around 6 years, hmmmmmm.

Hello Harry 10

Today this happened. My neighbour wrote on Facebook earlier “young guinea pig, free to good home”. For a little while I’ve been considering getting a pal for Patch rabbit. Patch is mega old, about 10 years old. According to the posters in the pet shops rabbits live until about 6 years old, erm? Anyhow Patch hates other rabbits, I have introduced him to seven other rabbits over the years, he hated all of them but he tolerated our elderly guinea pig, Dotty, who passed away a while ago now.

The Easter bunnies repair job 6

Over the winter Bart and Mo’s home was badly damaged. The roof bowed and bent under the weight of water in the storms, then sprung a leak. As you know I hate wasting things I was determined to repair not replace this hutch. It was all sound except the roof wood and felt. Luckily the wooden batoning around the roof was not damaged, which meant I could attach a new roof straight on it. I considered buying plywood and felt and doing it the classic bunny hutch way. Nah, too weak! I considered layered planks of wood, shed roof or chicken coop style, too draughty and needs regular varnishing to keep it water tight. Nope! The wood would cost around £20-30 depending on where was purchased.

Win (ended)- A beautiful pair of hare earrings from LaJewellery 24

When I saw that La Jewellery wanted to work with eco-conscious bloggers to run a competition for their readers I hopped jumped at the chance. La Jewellery make lovely items with good ethics and a consideration for the environment. What’s not to like?! Technically this lovely window display is full of hares, but I’m thinking bunnies – Easter Bunnies, and I am hoping the winner replies in two shakes of a rabbit’s tail (quick) so that the lovely prize will pop through your letter box before Easter. Lets face it, lovely jewellery is going to last longer than a chocolate egg or bunny.

Worried For Maggie 5

My little cutey with the attitude, Maggie rabbit, is ill. 50/50 chance ill. When I bought her for a tenner it felt like a rehome/rescue. She was living with a breeder who proudly said what a good mother Maggie was, and how I could get “decent money if you breed her.” Of course I wanted her to retire her immediately. The poor little bun was terrified of the people she was with and hated the male rabbits she was in tiny hutches next to.

The Boy and The Bunnies 2

Cute overload…. WARNING, too cute.It was dry this evening, so we made the most of it. Jen and I went outside with the bunnies on their leads.Bart is wearing the pink set and Mo is in dark green. These photos make it seem like a lazy evening, but these bunnies are untrained and cheeky things, I was mostly running the circles around our Christmas tree. After a short time, Jen abandoned me and got his bike and helmet and cycled up and down the paths, whilst I walked the bunnies followed them about. And finally… both boys, tired out on my sofa. I have added this to my friend @PinkOddy’s #MotivationalMonday linky.

Bunny Bother 6

Just over a week ago we welcomed Bart and Mo into our home. Two super cute fluffy boys. Over the last three days Bart has been acting, well, teenage! Stamping, scent marking everything, even weeing on poor Mo. Until yesterday I really had no reason to doubt they were both males, then I thought “Hmmm Mo is letting Bart be the boss” so I had a close look underneath. Bart is a big boy if you catch my drift. Mo’s “bits” wasn’t obviously male or female. Oh heck! So today during a huggle I notice Mo is a bit more chubby, so I stroke gently across Mo’s belly. It’s swollen and firm near Mo’s back legs. Mo isn’t a dude, she’s a dudette.I’ve booked them both into the vets for a check over… But I’m 90% certain I have a mini-bunny-family rather than two best buddies. Just need to make […]

Meet Bart and Mr Moustache 3

My boys have been asking for a pet of their own. So let me introduce Mr Moustache, an albino lionhead lop, and Bart a very fluffy lionhead with diddy little ears and fake mascara on! Mr Moustache (or Mo) Bart Sharing lunch. Two little friends. Mr Moustache and his jingle ball. Seriously have you ever seen a rabbit with a moustache?? They are adorable. Mr Moustache is very chilled and quiet, but Bart bounces about rather a lot. Of course, more photos shall be added as they grow.