Bunny Bother 6

Just over a week ago we welcomed Bart and Mo into our home. Two super cute fluffy boys.
Over the last three days Bart has been acting, well, teenage! Stamping, scent marking everything, even weeing on poor Mo.

Until yesterday I really had no reason to doubt they were both males, then I thought “Hmmm Mo is letting Bart be the boss” so I had a close look underneath. Bart is a big boy if you catch my drift. Mo’s “bits” wasn’t obviously male or female. Oh heck!

So today during a huggle I notice Mo is a bit more chubby, so I stroke gently across Mo’s belly. It’s swollen and firm near Mo’s back legs. Mo isn’t a dude, she’s a dudette.
I’ve booked them both into the vets for a check over… But I’m 90% certain I have a mini-bunny-family rather than two best buddies. Just need to make sure.

Anyone want a Babbit? (Baby-rabbit)

Mo, thankfully, is just a camp young male!!

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