Things I Have To Do At Midnight!?

Thanks to my adorably cute yet really naughty young rabbits I’ve just had to do a bodge job in the garden and break up a rabbit fight in the dark.
I’m sure my neighbours are unimpressed with you as well you fluffy little monsters.


Basically they dug out, again! Third time in about a week. But tonight Patch was out free-range, he’s an antisocial old guy. Hates other rodents passionately, and has tried to kill guinea pigs, mice, other bunnies, I’ve even seen him attack neighbours pet cats that try to cross our garden. Oh and there was a time I found a HUGE dead rat in his hutch, I reckon it tried to steal Patch’s food so he killed it! He also dislikes people, especially men. He went for Jen dramaticly once, flew jumped at his head, teeth and claws first when he was sat in garden as a baby.

So some nights I leave him loose in the garden, with one of his hutch doors open so he can pop back in for food, water and shelter. When we let him go free-range wild it’s often for a couple of nights and days.

Of course Bart and Mo had to escape tonight while Patch was loose didn’t they? They had to annoy the old boy by being in “his territory”. Clever little Maggie chose not to escape, but to stay in the run (it’s one of those big hutches with a run and a ladder between the levels) and not get involved. I see her paws weren’t muddy either, I wish she would teach Bart and Mo some manners. She just sat, watching. Luckily I suppose the boys are lazy and the hole wouldn’t have been big enough for Patch to gatecrash the other bunnies hutch/run.

So I see the chaos, run outside and beg the bunnies to stop. I’m ignored of course! There is fur flying, literally. Patch and Bart are going for it badly, attacking each other like scenes from Watership Down. Luckily I broke it up before serious bloodshed. But Patch really dislikes company. About ten mins of running about barefoot in the garden in the dark and I’d rounded up the little escape artists. I filled in the hole by sweeping the floor with a dustpan and brush and pouring the cold damp mixture of mud, sawdust and dead grass in to the burrow like hole. I realised straight away they’d be out again in minutes if I could not make it more secure.
Chicken wire!

I found a half used roll of chicken wire and chopped it with nail clippers.


When I had cut a long rectangle I laid it on the floor of the run and had to crawl in to the run on my tummy and elbows, it was like the Crystal Maze meets Krypton Factor but in the dark, and no cool prizes. Was like a commando training course!

After laying two long rectangles of chicken wire like carpet on the ground and fixing it at the edges I looked like this…


Thanks Bunnies!
Tomorrow, in sunlight, not moonlight I will be finishing the job. I’m going to have to crawl back in there with tent pegs and the rubber mallet and I’m going to “nail it down” so they can’t get to the weak bits of ground again.

Please please dear fluffy devils, No. More. Digging. Especially when the antisocial old boy is loose. It is almost suicide! Patch is 5.5kilos and Bart and Mo are a much more average 2.5kilos each. Patch can be lovely, sweet, cute. But not to the kids, or the other pets.


And finally…..

There are bits of white fur all over my garden. Glad I broke it up in time!

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