How to avoid a double glazing disaster 22

As winter is approaching household repairs are on my mind. This house is always freezing in the winter but it improved a lot since we had new windows a few years back. What I know from shopping around is the prices vary wildly between double glazing companies, so does the quality of the product and the installation. To save you from a double glazing disaster, I thought I’d share a few tips to bear in mind when shopping for new double glazing. You get what you pay for

Sugru fixing stuff 2

I was sent Sugru to review a while back, but I totally forgot to blog about it as I was raving about it on Instagram instead. Sugru is strange stuff, a sort of putty in bright colours that dries into a rubbery substance. Once dry (or cured as the instructions refer to it) Sugru is UV resistant, water proof, dishwasherable, not afraid of extremes of hot or cold from -50C to +180C apparently), and electrically insulating. Wow!

Cant Afford to Move, Improve 2

We would love to move to a better house but at the moment we can not afford to so I’ve been trying to fix what I can. I figure this makes the house more valuable, so when we can eventually afford to get a new house this place should sell at a fair price. Today I ripped up the carpet and underlay and nailed plywood over the damaged floor boards. It had been squeaking and creaking awfully. I knew the wooden boards were damaged but was surprised just how bad they were. Complete cracks through some of them. Sadly the boards are a non standard size and we were told would have to modify normal boards, I do not have the skills, cash or power tools.So I decided on lining the floor with ply so it would spread the weight across weak and strong boards, making it safer and less […]