Introducing Maggie – Newest Member of Roo’s Zoo

Yesterday I stumbled across an advert online. I was looking at a local Facebook selling/buying group as I’m on the lookout for a second-hand carpet washer.

Then I saw Madge. A beautiful 2-year-old lop eared bunny. She reminded me of the first bunny Blokey ever gave me. Once I scrolled past her photo I couldn’t forget that face.


Despite a bit of a “pecking order” scuffle at first, she is calm around my boy bunnies, Bart and Mo. Please excuse the messy garden, but aren’t Maggie and little Bart a sweet couple? Yes, renamed already, but only a slight change.
Mo is upstairs in the hutch, sulking slightly as his best pal Bart is ignoring him!


Mo will get over it.


I just could not resist this little face! She’s the same size and shape as Mo, but facial markings that are the opposite of Bart’s. She just belongs already. Welcome to my home, and to my family adorable little Maggie.

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