Jen’s friendly monster 2

This evening Jen drew a monster. He has called him Bob. He is a friendly monster. He has no mouth. Apparently he is kind and cannot eat children  because he has no mouth. So I asked how does he eat and Jen explained “Bob eats by squashing nasty things into his ears like flies and spiders and ants and snails. His ears have tiny teeth doors like on Venus fly plants that eat the bugs.” So he’s friendly and helpful because he’s a cute pest control monster, you don’t need to feed him as he forages under the sofa for spiders, and in the garden for flies.

The barn owl center #MySundayPhoto 12

This week I’ve been trying to get the kids outside. Kinda tricky if I am honest, but today was an awesome day. This is Kaln the European eagle owl. He is huge, and funny. It was a really hot day, and every time his handler called him he made a noise that sounded like “No”. On his way home to his enclosure Kaln slapped D’s camera lens with his huge wings, I couldn’t stop chuckling quietly. It was like “Shows over little dude, quit photographing me!” A proper post about the barn owl center will be here in a few days.

Brushing teeth 1

Why is it my Jen hates brushing his teeth? He tries all kinds of excuses for why he shouldn’t and sadly his dentist wasn’t much help. When I said in his last appointment “Jen refuses to brush his teeth most days” she replied with “don’t worry these are still just the milk teeth” to me and later to Jen “your teeth are looking great, well done”. Not well done, they have big tartar lines along them. I was less than impressed. Luckily the folk at Oasis have been in touch and sent Jen some charts and stickers and sugar free lollipops as rewards.

#MySundayPhoto Bat stuck up a tree 9

On Friday Jen went to school as the dark night for book week. He was throwing a teddy bat around outside and it got stuck, up the tree! Look at the face he’s pulling. After I took this photo I had to climb up the tree and free Batty. Linking with #MySundayPhoto on one dad 3 girls blog.