Sick lad and the caring dog 6

Today Jen is unwell, he’s being sick and he’s exhausted. He got out of his bed, got dressed and went to my bed – its bigger and we’ve got a tv. Freya Woof is watching over him as he is watching programs about RSCPA dog rescuers. She came running earlier when she heard him vomiting in the bathroom and she hasn’t left him since.


Little Jen keeps falling asleep on Freya, with his arms tightly around her chest. Normally she won’t tolerate that, but today she isn’t complaining. Jen can do no wrong.


Jen is wimpering and sniffling away, but I can’t help him. He just needs to sleep it off, one of those annoying bugs. When he fidgets or makes noises she picks her head up and looks at him to check he’s ok. When he’s snoring so is she. It is sweet.

The bond between our dog and our sons is adorable, we gave her a home and she’s stolen our hearts.

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