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First up, an apology – I am a bad book buddy! My boys receive a book a month they are meant to review, and a pile of books is just sat next to my fireplace. So consider this a book round up if you will, catching up!

All the links to buy them are in the Amazon widget* at the end of this post, or I have seen several of them in WHSmiths for less money normally than Amazon.

First up…

Yuck! Gross! Activities


This book has lots of very boyish puzzles, colouring in a sewer maze to free a rat, Jen had fun scribbling through this book. It’s 192 pages and has an RRP of £10.

Inside this disgustingly doodly, fabulously foul activity book, you’ll find everything that’s slimy, sludgy, icky and yucky! Including revolting doodles, creepy-crawly colouring and hideous how-to-draws. Plus gross mazes, puzzles and activities galore!

Dino Supersaurus : Colouring


Jen and D have both had a play with this one, and the little flip animation book has been to many places in Jen’s pocket. It was a hit, and much cheaper than Yuck! Gross! as this one has an RRP of £3.99 for 48 pages.

It’s a fight of good over evil in down-town New Dino City. Follow the struggles of our band of fearless Dino Supersaurs in this cool colouring book as they pit their wits and test their superpowers against T-Rex and his fellow baddies. With comic strips to read and complete, hilarious dinosaur humour and things to count, spot and find on every action-packed colouring spread and a covermount flip book showing the action in Dino City, this book is sure to beat boredom into submission!

Encyclopedia of Everything


This is one D has used. He says he can’t “review” it as you don’t “really read encyclopedias, they are like dictionaries of information” – but he has picked it up many times and flicked to random pages, memorising the facts then just coming out with facts at unexpected moments.

This exciting and comprehensive children’s reference encyclopedia is the perfect introduction to fun facts about people, places, and important events in history. Packed with fun facts, colourful photos and clear information, it’s learning made fun! It even includes a helpful glossary and comprehensive index to help kids begin learning how to use reference materials at a young age.

This book matches two other books we have had from Parragon, Sharks and Dinosaurs. They might be different themes, and colours on the covers, but they are bound the same and are the same sizes, and all are approximately 220 pages. The RRP’s vary but are around £12.

Pinkabella and me! Journal set


This is one my boys won’t review. I am tempted to use it myself but I should really give it to my Niecey. It has a nice notebook and a pencil, but the rest might be wasted on a girl my age. THe RRP is high though, at £9.99.

Do you know someone who loves pink? If they do, they’re bound to love our Pinkabella and Me! Journal Set. With everything you need to get doodling and writing your secrets, dreams and wishes, this little keepsake box includes a pinktastic journal, a mini notebook, 40 stickers and a pink pencil! This box set makes a great gift for any one who is pink-obsessed!

Football Superstar stickers


And finally, this sticker book is coming out soon. This little gem will be £4 and I reckon it would be a good birthday gift for youngish children.

Become a football superstar with our Football Superstar Sticker Scene. Fill in all-action match scenes with your awesome stickers. Check out fun facts and top footy tips. Play the championship board game with a mate and see who will be man of the match.

Discloure, We receive these books for free in return for my boys reviewing them as “Book Buddies”. Parragon have been super patient, and I haven’t even been hurried-up about posting this despite being months late. Thank you!


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