Uncover The Prehistoric World – Book Review 1

This month my son D has been happily reading “Uncovering the prehistoric world – dinosaurs!” by Parragon books.

We are part of Book Buddies, which means we get offered lovely books like this to review. From the second the postie handed this over it has been next to D’s bed. He loves factual books displaying the facts in fun ways. You wouldn’t catch him reading a dictionary, he likes some pictures to help his imagination.

I thought I would ask him on film, my apologies for the poor lighting!
(The noises are his Dad and Jen cooking in the kitchen.)

In the video he tries to show you his favourite image, a T-rex’s eye!


I like that on some of the pages it looks like a scrap book, with little notes sticky taped down. The paintings are really good, almost photograph like. As you can see there is a reasonable amount of text, but also pictures that younger, non readers might like.


It has timelines, and facts, theories and ideas. I would have loved this as a child myself!
It’s priced at £12 and published by Parragon Books. D says it’s 9/10.

Personally I recommend it for boys or girls, of about 8 years and upwards – lets face it ‘saurus names are tricky words! It’s a quiet learning book, rather than a read out loud book. When this arrived D had been refusing to read, but willingly read a few pages of this almost every day since it arrived. He has not finished reading it yet, but I’m sure he will soon.

I am very impressed. If you would like to buy it, it’s for sale on Amazon…

We were sent this book for free to read and review. The opinions in this post and video are mine and D’s honest thoughts. No payment was received or expected. 

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