Puppy love 3

When I was at the Manics gig this weekend Freya woof was in doggy daycare. Sadly whilst on “the common” with her sitter she lost her tags. When we first adopted her she came with a yellow tag with a password that finds her details in a dog database. Whilst a good idea I thought “who will want to do that if they find a stray dog?” so we went to Pets at Home and had a blue bone shape one engraved on an automated machine. I didn’t like it! The bone was £7 and the colour rubbed off, it felt cheap. So when Freya lost her tags I went looking online and to my surprise on eBay they are a steal. Two tags I like, engraved and delivered in 3 days for £6.50. The heart replaces her yellow tag, mentioning she has a microchip so if found full details […]

The Christmas Bulbles Competition 3

Me and my eldest son have been “mucking about with craft fluff an’ stuff” and come up with 4 little “Christmas Bulbles”. Nope, that’s not an accidental typo, its Bulbs + Baubles = Bulbles. As I can’t resist a good blogger challenge type of competition I had to have a go at this one. So D and I sat down, and made rather a bit of mess, had some fun, and came out with these…. D isn’t a natural “crafter” so I set him going with a children’s sewing kit and he stitched together Mr Robin. Bright pink and cute he may be, but he has an evil eye, a glass eye in fact. My first creation was the biggest, of course. I threaded 20 glittery mini-baubles onto a festively red pipe cleaner, then wrapped it around the bulb tubes. Around the plastic cap section I then sticky taped on some […]

Christmas Shoe Boxes 5

After years being a bit anti the charity shoe box schemes I’ve decided I will give a box to a girl overseas. This change of heart is entirely MichelleTwinMum’s doing. Last year she went with Operation Christmas Child, (or OCC for short) to Belarus to see how they operate and who gets the shoebox parcels. You can read all about it on Michelle’s blog by clicking on the link here.

ClaireaBella classic review for ToxicFox

Hello readers, This week in the post I received a beautiful ClaireaBella bag from It is a jute  mini-shopper bag, that has some kind of coating making it feel stronger but you can hardly see it at first. It has a delightful blonde girl painted on to the front, with glitter in the paint of her dress and hair. I like the little details, like the adorable little metal heart that says “HAND MADE WITH LOVE”. Also love the pink bows, normally I’m not a girlie girl, but this is pretty darn cute. The ClaireaBella bags are famous for being personalised, this one is not as it is for review purposes. I would love to get one of these as a pressie, and my first thought was I know loads of young ladies that will want to pinch this from me! I love it!! The only downside I see is […]

Review for Cubby Kit. Complete boxed up craft projects. 4

PLEASE NOTE, cubby kit have sadly gone out of business, but I am leaving it here as it was a lovely idea, and I love the photos. Recently the postman knocked with a rather large cardboard box, with pale blue printing on it to look like an old fashioned suitcase. He never gets things arrive addressed to him, so was a treat! Suitcase design on box (Jen had chicken pox in photos, sorry) The quality of the items in CubbyKits are really good, I was really impressed to find pencils and child scissors included…. often “complete” craft kits don’t have things like glue or child sized scissors, assuming every parent already has those, well I didn’t! So thanks muchly for those scissors, better than the ones his big brothers school use for sure. Some items in each kit could be kept after the CubbyKit is finished. Some of the Contents […]