Tikka And Fajita Are Pushing Their Luck… 1

The chickens and the less than friendly bunny have had lots of time to get acquainted but only this week have they been allowed free range at the same time. Until now the bunny has been free in the evening and night times, and the chicks have been loose by daylight. They’ve been giving it a bit of attitude through the cage wire. It’s weird that now I’m letting them loose at the same time there have been no major fights and no blood shed whatsoever! If you knew Patch rabbit you would realise this is shocking. 😛

Ignoring the mess that my garden is in I think these photos are pretty cute.
Patch rabbit is Letting the girls steal his food. Almost ignoring it.
Awww the cute bunny is mellowing in his old age.

He’s watching the chickens closely but resisted the urge to run and steal his food and hutch back.

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