Daily archives: May 24, 2011

So glad he’s coming home now!

My other half is on the motorway driving back now. He’s been away since Sunday.It’s been a stressful 2 days, my boys have been arguing and fighting each other, last night Jen was ill so he was awake until about 2.30am which was fun, then this morning my dishwasher failed mid program. Now I have loads of half washed stuff and a dishwasher full of dirty water. No idea how I can empty it out now, even in stand by it makes a strange growly noise. Can’t even make it start another program, just will not go. Does anyone know anything about dishwashers? I could vlog (video blog) the problem and noise? Really can’t afford a new one after spending so much getting passports, suitcases, swimming shorts for the kids, train to from London, a hotel for Friday night etc. Why do things break when you can’t afford to repair/replace […]

What if.. 2

My friends got me thinking tonight, “what if” and other deep pondering. Not that this comes over well in what I write, I think at 100 miles an hour, but can only type at 5mph! What if I hadn’t met my OH? What if I’d chatted about whips and chains to a different guy or girl in Yates bar that day? I feel I’ve failed as a mummy if I’m honest….. I love them immensely but should I be a mother? I can’t cook, shite at house work, my toddler is clingy and my eldest is distant, aggressive and bullies me if we are alone. My “doctor” wants me to think back through my past and try to pin down when my fear of bleeding to death and phobia of needles (and anything medical that might end up with needles) started, he asked me for family photos from the age […]