Daily archives: January 16, 2013

We Have Plague… 4

Jen has had a little cold that developed into #BoyFlu and now he’s shared it about, such a caring sharing lad! Thanks son. Right now this lurgey has got the better of me. I sound a bit like Darth Vader, and I’m sitting on my sofa with two jumpers on, under a blanket and a roll of tissue for the snot. I am sneezing rather violently and it aches in my neck/shoulders. Oh it’s lovely. I’m almost hoping it’s a really bad snow day tomorrow just so I don’t have to go outside and do the school run. Is that bad of me? I often get sniffles, but this germ-fest came on fast. I just want to sleep it off but judging by how Jen coped with it, I doubt this. I don’t want to have to go out in cold in morning, but the boys have to be taken […]