Daily archives: September 18, 2013

Making Wildlife at Home in Your Garden 3

I love wildlife, and around here we get rather a variety if you are looking. Birds, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, wild rabbits, mice, owls and bats are common here. I encourage it all, except the foxes. I like foxes from a distance, but as I have pet chickens and bunnies I don’t like them too close. Bats.org.uk has some handy tips on gardening for bats and making bat boxes. For attracting the cute fluffy wildlife you need shelter and food! Ideally hedges for something to hide in/under, and grass with native wild flowers as this is what they munch outside of your garden after all. You can buy lawn seed premixed with wild flower seeds, talk about easy peasy! I put this in my garden today. Mainly in my fruit and flower bed and then patched the lawn. The RSPB is also great for information on encouraging wildlife, it’s not just […]

I’m Trying To Network 3

As I’m starting to write more often, I wanted to try to network a bit better, so last night I applied to Top Mommy Blogs and am please to say I’m in, I got accepted. Which was nice. It’s a network of Mommy (Mummy) blogs which uses a referral sort of system to decide which blogs are most popular, rather than have the most followers. I’m not expecting to be number 1, or even top 10 but what I am trying to do is get my blog to a wide audience. Ok, ok, I accept people don’t always want to read my personal issues and rants, but my saddest posts get the most traffic actually. Top Mommy blogs works really simply, they just count the number of times a person clicks through from members blogs, I won’t go on and on about it. But there will be a little button […]