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A certain plant selling company sold my address 3

I am not a happy bunny, I have found out a company, whom I will not name as I want to give them a chance to explain this, have sold or given my address to other companies without my permission. I have copied my mesage to them below, but taken out my name, address etc, and also writen xxxxxxx in places to hide their identity. I would like to know other peoples thoughts on this? Am I right to be really annoyed, as I’ve caught them red-handed on this one?!? **update 10:30pm on 15 October**Still a big fat zero contact from them. Really really not impressed!!! I just want to shout thier name from roof tops right now………. “ Subject – Complaint Hello there, in late 2010 I won a xxxxxx tree on your facebook page. Not got a problem with the tree, it didn’t fruit but that’s just bad luck and […]