A certain plant selling company sold my address 3

I am not a happy bunny, I have found out a company, whom I will not name as I want to give them a chance to explain this, have sold or given my address to other companies without my permission. I have copied my mesage to them below, but taken out my name, address etc, and also writen xxxxxxx in places to hide their identity.

I would like to know other peoples thoughts on this? Am I right to be really annoyed, as I’ve caught them red-handed on this one?!?

**update 10:30pm on 15 October**
Still a big fat zero contact from them. Really really not impressed!!! I just want to shout thier name from roof tops right now……….

Subject – Complaint
Hello there, in late 2010 I won a xxxxxx tree on your facebook page. Not got a problem with the tree, it didn’t fruit but that’s just bad luck and I think it will fruit next year.
The problem is xxxxxx have sold my details! I got home from work the other day to find a letter from a charity, whom I have heard of, but never had dealings with. It was a book of raffle tickets they expected me to sell for them. Naturally, having never contacted them I was very interested to know where they got my name, full address and postcode from.
So I phoned up the guide dogs charity, and they clearly say they got it from a list they obtained. I ask where from “have you heard of an organisation called xxxxxxx?” was the reply. I say “xxxxxxx?” and he says YES.
Now please explain to me WHY are my details being sold on, or passed on to other companies? I always tick boxes saying do not pass on my details to 3rd parties, and I have never actually bought anything from you (although my grandfather often did) so I am not a member, or account holder.
I phoned you on the phone numbers listed on your website and got through to one of your staff who was nice enough but couldn’t explain why you are selling on my information. Have you heard of the Data protection act??????
I explained who I am, why you had my address, and why I wasn’t happy. Today I return from work to a answerphone message from one of your staff…. well I assume so, as she never said her name, or company, or even who the message was for.
The message stated
 “The only reason I’ve got your telephone phone number is you must have left it as your expo link for me to ring you back on now, errrrm,  so I don’t know the explanation on that and, errrr, I can’t help you but we’ve got no telephone number on your record or trace of it. erm, ok, bye”
These were the exact words, I replayed the message to copy it into this email. Where was the lady’s name? Who she was, what company? Pretty cryptic, and no apology either.
I KNOW I gave you my phone number in regards to this complaint, so you can explain WHY HAVE YOU PASSED ON MY DETAILS, without my knowledge or permission, and to how many companies?
But you shouldn’t have my info in lists to sell on, I won a competition, in good faith that you were a good company.
I would like a response, explanation and at least an apology?
Yours unhappily,
Miss Mxxxxxxxx

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