Birds, gnomes and lizards – review 4

That title made you nosey didn’t it? Sorry. Today I received a nice parcel from Gardens2You. They sell garden bits such as wall ornaments, bird feeders, planter labels, fairy doors and gnomes. Very cute gnomes like the website mascot Monty. I like Monty but he’s not without a flaw sadly. He looks great but he’s just not heavy enough and he keeps going missing in the wind. He needs some weight added. I’ll probably drill a hole in the base and pour in some sand and cork it, easily sorted.

Getting Excited By Fruit

If you read the title and thought this was a bedroom post, you’ve a dirty mind. I’ve been growing fruit trees in my garden for a few years. The “red love” apple tree has been in our garden for about three years. In previous years not a single apple. But check these snaps out…. Lots and lots of tiny apples, at last. Yay!

Jen Gets Muddy #KidsGrowWild 10

This morning I received a big white box from the postman. It was recorded post too, exciting, I had to open it right away of course. This post is my entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge”. I took a photo of the lovely gardening kit before the boys got their mitts on it! It had been raining most of the day, but there was a short sunny spell after cycling home from school. Perfect, I asked the boys to come outside and play. Jen was willing but I couldn’t pry D away from Mathletics on the internet. Yes, still in school uniform. We head outside with the plan being plant the seeds in flower pots and pop them into our recently purchased greenhouse to start these seeds off properly.

Gardening ideas 4

After having chickens for a few months I have no lawn left, and what was my veggie bed is a muddy puddle! It’s clear veggies aren’t an option this growing season, all edible things are munched, so I need sturdy stubborn plants, the kind that re grow each year. On the left there, that was my veg bed, and on the right was a lawn! Thanks chickens. I was looking for fruit trees, and just bought some from GardeningExpress website, via groupon as there was a good deal. Five fruit trees, normally £100 was £30 plus £7 postage. I know you can get supermarket trees at certain times of the year, they buy them in and put near the fruit shelves, and there is a reason they are cheap. These are often not self pollinating types, so whilst one will grow and look healthy you need another close by to […]

A certain plant selling company sold my address 3

I am not a happy bunny, I have found out a company, whom I will not name as I want to give them a chance to explain this, have sold or given my address to other companies without my permission. I have copied my mesage to them below, but taken out my name, address etc, and also writen xxxxxxx in places to hide their identity. I would like to know other peoples thoughts on this? Am I right to be really annoyed, as I’ve caught them red-handed on this one?!? **update 10:30pm on 15 October**Still a big fat zero contact from them. Really really not impressed!!! I just want to shout thier name from roof tops right now………. “ Subject – Complaint Hello there, in late 2010 I won a xxxxxx tree on your facebook page. Not got a problem with the tree, it didn’t fruit but that’s just bad luck and […]

Gardening by storms

As I’m sure you all know UK is getting the tail end of a hurricane that’s misnavigated and come to UK, not usa. Unfortunately this wind took down a lot of my veggies. My Apple tree was sideways, herbs squished, but the tomatoes were worst. Tall plants ripped from sticks, and little red and Orange toms all over the path. So we were forced to do an impromptu harvest. This was 3 mixing bowls full. 1 bowl full was ripe, the majority are green though. Fortunely Hubby is a good cook and also does a mean green tom chuteney. Time to start saving old jam jars, sweet and sour jars etc. If anyone’s interested I might copy his chuteney reciepe for you to read. After all, Xmas is coming and this is pretty festive!