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After having chickens for a few months I have no lawn left, and what was my veggie bed is a muddy puddle! It’s clear veggies aren’t an option this growing season, all edible things are munched, so I need sturdy stubborn plants, the kind that re grow each year.

On the left there, that was my veg bed, and on the right was a lawn! Thanks chickens.

I was looking for fruit trees, and just bought some from GardeningExpress website, via groupon as there was a good deal. Five fruit trees, normally £100 was £30 plus £7 postage. I know you can get supermarket trees at certain times of the year, they buy them in and put near the fruit shelves, and there is a reason they are cheap. These are often not self pollinating types, so whilst one will grow and look healthy you need another close by to actually get fruit from your tree. Or they are dull varieties, where the fruit itself is cheap to buy or sell. So you would probably need to buy two or hope your neighbour has one.
These from groupon are a mixed bunch including cherry, plums, pears and apples of a decent quality, with fruit the children might even eat. Happy customer here.

If you are buying online always go via Top cash back or Quidco.

I also had a fiver off code at Thompson&Morgans so I bought £5 off perennial flower seeds, leaving me £2 postage. Bargain I thought. They are a mixture of bright flowers and darker ones that I think are attractive. I had to buy the shocking bright orange and yellow flowering seeds as for fruit I need help from the bees.

My plan is the veggie bed will now contain fruit trees, so my food is out of reach from those pesky (but lovable) chickens. At mid-level I have a few berry bushes I’m leaving in place. Raspberry, gooseberries and redcurrants. We have not had a single berry from these although planted two years ago, but maybe this is the year for fruit pies and jams? The flower seeds are mostly low-level, hopefully providing a bit of pretty and study ground cover. The tree roots will be far enough below ground that the chickens surface digging and scratching should still leave me edible crops. As the flowers are to trick bees to come near my trees (not just look nice) I bought some Foxglove seeds as these should be very tall at the back of the bed and hopefully increase the amount of fruit we get.

Good plan I thought? Anyone try to keep chickens and successfully grow food in their back gardens, I would like your input!
I will get something worth eating from my garden, I WILL.

I think I might need to do before and after photos.

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