Julie does Freddie from Queen

Well I’ve been at it again… there really isn’t many things I won’t do to try to win a holiday. So here is a video of me in stockings, heels, and a fake moustache, dancing about with a hoover and singing horrendously! Enjoy… And feel free to vote if you are registered on Facebook. Please “like” the “Saint Lucia – UK” page before you click by my name to vote, or it will not count. The direct link to the entry is here Julie voting link *updated 15 Oct*I had been comfortably ahead – asking colleagues for votes. Now I’m not at work so I was falling behind. Then Mel, Lucy, Charlie and the other Mel all tweeted my link like mad. Twitter was slightly overwhelming this morning, Love you for that! I recoreded and entered this before things went wrong so kind of sane, just being daft. The reason […]

Another dead day at work

I have honestly nowt to do. This is soul destroyingly dull. My colleagues on other companies and departments have also got their mobiles out, and asking me Apple related techy questions. I’m a Windows and Android girl, so not an Apple fan. Why can’t Apple devices be a bit more supportive of Windows eh? Personally I hate buying kit when you need to buy extra kit to make it work… I want universal devices. A one fits all laptop, tablet/pad and mp3 player. Is that asking too much? :p


Why is music so controversial? If you dislike cheese or ham you are unlikely to argue with colleagues about it… But music you do? Its a bit odd when you think about it that people seem to hate punk or rock fans, and if you don’t like pop you are weird. Well consider me weird…. But im sat in a bar thinking im so glad my kids aren’t into pop either.