Paypal update

I have been promised a refund now but have yet to see my money. Thanks to those who were asking. Such a stress though. My new bank cards arrived today so its a bit easier now. Its hard to believe how annoying it is not to have a debit card. Money now back in my account.

Just been robbed!

I have just been burgled and mugged via paypal. No warning, I’ve not bought anything dodgy or told anyone my passwords nor do i have it set as “password” or something guessable. I’m sat on sofa with laptop about to do my rota for work and i get a paypal email saying I’ve sent a payment of 153 US $. It had my full name correct on the email….. Don’t panic don’t panic… OK PANIC! that’s £103 i don’t have. Paypal customer phone number closed minutes before this email of course. I couldn’t change password, so i gave Hubby laptop to keep trying for me as i phone my bank. I’m now more annoyed as a second transaction for 47 US $ so £30-something stolen. Altogether around one hundred and fifty bloody quid. Am annoyed! I’ve got my bank to block all my account and cancel cards, new cards in […]


Why is music so controversial? If you dislike cheese or ham you are unlikely to argue with colleagues about it… But music you do? Its a bit odd when you think about it that people seem to hate punk or rock fans, and if you don’t like pop you are weird. Well consider me weird…. But im sat in a bar thinking im so glad my kids aren’t into pop either.


I’m blogging from a tattoo studio in Adelaide, south Australia….. those are words I never thought I’d write! I’m watching, well ok avoiding watching, my mate Jacki getting a tattoo of a sunshine on her neck. Yukky scarey for me as I’ve got a needle phobia, but she wants to. Today is Friday, the last week has been *mental*. So much travelling, and Yup, I’m still wobbling! Swaying almost. A few days back we were on kangaroo island. I cried so much! I was so utterly overwhelmed I was like a kid getting a bike at Christmas. Was so awesome! When it was barbie time we were sat on wooden picnic benches, in a little clearing surrounded by mahoosive trees. Was so pretty, and I was rather relaxed until I saw a spiders web by my knee! I calmly got up, and whispered to an Aussie guide to describe it, […]

Hello from the Great Outdoors

Hello bloggers. Well here I am writing from my tent again.Today we went to Porthcothan beach (Padstow ish if you care to check a map). We adore this beach. It’s got RNLI lifeguards on the beach all day, they are very reassuring to see when you are on the beach with small folk. So today we were going to have a packed lunch on beach, totally disrupted by wasps. Lucky my son was paying more attention than me, a wasps landed on edge of my sarnie as I was busy talking between bites. So glad little Jenny yelled “Mummy no, its got a waspy on it” or I would likely be in local hospital. I’m not properly allergic, but I do swell significantly and a sting in mouth/throat area would affect breathing. That’ll teach me to talk so much eh? After lunch we zipped everything into my lovely camouflage Gelert pop-up tent […]