Christmas is like Marmite

Christmas is like Marmite, but I can’t decide if I love or hate it. On the love side I’m in love with the almost romantic idea of Christmas, family being together. Children getting presents, adults eating posh food and falling asleep during the Queen’s speech… advent calendars and decorated trees. Does all sound lovely….But in reality, I suck at Crimbo. I’ve no idea how to make it feel like Christmas anymore. Everything has got so commercial, spend spend SPEND. Kids all bragging on end of term about whose parents spent the most, and how big their tree is, and that their uncle Steve always gives them £30 in his card. Where is the love? Personally I struggle and we try really hard to afford nice things for the boys. This year by “couponing” we got D something on the top of his Xmas wish list (ransom note). It’s a Lego train […]

Just got new pets 2

I can’t wait meet my girls when I get home. Why isn’t it 4.30 yet? Dear blog readers, please meet Tikka and Fajita. Photos were texted to me by my Hubby, he’s working late today. The top photo is them in my garden, and the bottom photo is both of them borrowing Dotty’s indoor hutch, sat in the boot of our car. Look happy enough don’t they 🙂 Cute and useful, although I doubt we will get eggs for a week or so until they settle in. They have a little box with run attached, but on warmer nicer days we will let them roam freely. My son Jenny has a love of chickens, and he’s go to be so happy when I pick him up from the childminder, I’m going to try not to let it slip on the way home… the super excited little grin is worth waiting […]

Dairylea, who wants some for free?

Have you had Dairylea lately? We were given the chance to try Dairylea for free recently by bzzagent, and thought I could blog it. My son Jenny likes cheese spread, we normally have the shop own brand ones, but avoiding the really low end ones. Jenny was delighted to see the branded version in our fridge. He chooses it over real cheese, and I don’t mind as its great for lunch boxes. I have noticed the Dairylea tubs also have a Try Me Free offer. You need to keep the receipt (maybe buy it on a seperate receipt) and post off. Full details are on the link above. #imabzzagent

Jenny suddenly likes bird watching 5

Little Jen has decided he likes the birds. We regularly feed them bread etc, and we have a feeder spike with seeds and peanuts on just out of cats reach. Jenny has realised that one young blackbird is less afraid of him than other birds are. This blackbird allows him to get as near as about 5 feet away! Other slightly trusting locals are a mother great tit (we think its the one that nests in our guttering), and a starling. Here are some photos of Jenny trying to sneak up on his feathered friends. In one you can see the blackbird in flight by the street light. In another look at the top of the feeder spike, Jenny’s friend is perched there very close to him.  Here he is waiting…  Checking in the tree, you never know?! Look just by the lamp post bulb His friendy is […]

The day my Children met my Dad 2

I was looking through old photos last night and found some photos I wanted to share. These are taken on the ONLY time my Dad has met my sons. I nearly cried looking at them…….. These were taken on Halloween 2009. Its now 2 years since then, and he hasn’t come to see us. I can’t contact him as he doesn’t tell me his address, email or phone number. I love being the unwanted unplanned child, really, I do. 🙁 I’ve only seen this brother and sister once except the meeting photo’d here which hurts aswell to be honest. This meeting only came about as I found an old phone number and phoned him, D had been asking lots of awkward questions “Who is your Dad?” “If he’s my grandad why has he never met me?” “is he embarrassed by me Mum?” and so on. I gave my Dad an […]

Three weeks to go….

Three weeks today until Australia, I am getting all nervous, excited, I cry, then I’m happy. I’m an emotional wreck! I’ve got suitcases but still need travel money, insurance, and lots of little things. Felt pretty good as I bought 3 mini skirts yesterday ready for my amazing holiday… suncream a few days ago too. A week ago I was told I won the ITV Daybreak Down Under Competition. I knew I would get informed that week, before Friday, and was told to be near my phone between 6 and 8.30am as I might get called whilst live on air. By 10am on Friday, nothing… I’d lost hope, I was a right grumpy moo. Had been to the dentist for more bad news, then popped into work to say hello to my colleague. Needed to buy shampoo, so did that and Jenny ran away in a shopping center… I was […]

Hello from the Great Outdoors

Hello bloggers. Well here I am writing from my tent again.Today we went to Porthcothan beach (Padstow ish if you care to check a map). We adore this beach. It’s got RNLI lifeguards on the beach all day, they are very reassuring to see when you are on the beach with small folk. So today we were going to have a packed lunch on beach, totally disrupted by wasps. Lucky my son was paying more attention than me, a wasps landed on edge of my sarnie as I was busy talking between bites. So glad little Jenny yelled “Mummy no, its got a waspy on it” or I would likely be in local hospital. I’m not properly allergic, but I do swell significantly and a sting in mouth/throat area would affect breathing. That’ll teach me to talk so much eh? After lunch we zipped everything into my lovely camouflage Gelert pop-up tent […]