Christmas is like Marmite

Christmas is like Marmite, but I can’t decide if I love or hate it.
On the love side I’m in love with the almost romantic idea of Christmas, family being together. Children getting presents, adults eating posh food and falling asleep during the Queen’s speech… advent calendars and decorated trees. Does all sound lovely….But in reality, I suck at Crimbo. I’ve no idea how to make it feel like Christmas anymore. Everything has got so commercial, spend spend SPEND. Kids all bragging on end of term about whose parents spent the most, and how big their tree is, and that their uncle Steve always gives them £30 in his card.

Where is the love? Personally I struggle and we try really hard to afford nice things for the boys. This year by “couponing” we got D something on the top of his Xmas wish list (ransom note). It’s a Lego train set, RRP of £130 was reduced on a cerTain big supermarkets website to £69.99 and we paid in loyalty vouchers which are worth double the value. So spent 35 of loyalty points and a whole Fiver in real money. Felt like I’d robbed them, and know son will be delighted. Problem is now what ever I buy Jenny will not seem good at all by comparison and my boys always compare who got the best. :-O

Also today got some bad news, partners work Xmas bonus is now 3 figures, and we had been told to expect a 4 figure sum. There goes any chance of a holiday next year! Thanks guys, kick us when we are down. Why not?

How do you make a house feel Xmasey and exciting if you don’t live in a john Lewis show home? I’m just not domestic, like haven’t a clue. I actually text message my other half from the kitchen for cooking help or idiot proof instructions if he’s at work late. I can work the dishwasher and washing machine but not the DVD player or things like that.

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