Not afraid? Well I am a bit 15

By now I am sure you know about Paris, a city I love, being attacked. It’s awful, it truly is. But already all I am hearing is “let’s retaliate“. How about no? If we retaliate we are also terrorists, we need to stop fighting. I am not racist or religionist (is that a word?) but the last few weeks I’ve been trying extra hard to be nice to minorities. The kind of people tabloids would have you thinking want to kill us all. Do you know what? The lady who runs in a hijab in the fields behind my home, she’s just a mum that cares about her fitness. She has not got an explosive vest on under the lycra, I said “hello, how are you doing” and she didn’t say anything about my short skirt or that I was wearing a poppy. That’s because Muslims are not the enemy. […]

Run away from the footie 9

In this house none of us like football, so things like the football world cup are not fun to us. So many people suddenly wearing just their countries team colours. So many “did you see that goal” comments the day after a big game. I am sorry footie fans, I just don’t get what is fun about it. To be honest I’d much rather be in warmer place, somewhere where I don’t speak the lingo. Somewhere I miss the “did you see the game last night? Shocking performance wasn’t it?” from the locals as I won’t have a clue what they are saying. Somewhere I’ve never been. Somewhere with good food and ice cream. ITALY.

WIN (ended) – Gourmesso coffee capsules for Nespresso 27

Like Coffee? Yep, me too. Sadly I don’t have a pod/capsule machine. Boooo! On the plus side, this means I can offer you lot, my lovely readers a chance to win some Gourmesso coffee capsules instead of me trying them out for a review. Gourmesso have 16 types of capsules, which you can see here.     Gourmesso is the premium online retailer of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. Founded in Berlin in early 2013 by serial entrepreneurs and passionate coffee drinkers, Gourmesso has turned into the number one online retailer in Germany for alternative coffee capsules. Moreover, the company is successfully operating in France, Spain and the UK as well. The foundation for Gourmesso’s quick success across Europe is the unique combinations of high quality coffee, made of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world, offered at a price a price unmatched by any of […]