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Like Coffee? Yep, me too. Sadly I don’t have a pod/capsule machine. Boooo! On the plus side, this means I can offer you lot, my lovely readers a chance to win some Gourmesso coffee capsules instead of me trying them out for a review.

Gourmesso have 16 types of capsules, which you can see here.




Gourmesso is the premium online retailer of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. Founded in Berlin in early 2013 by serial entrepreneurs and passionate coffee drinkers, Gourmesso has turned into the number one online retailer in Germany for alternative coffee capsules. Moreover, the company is successfully operating in France, Spain and the UK as well. The foundation for Gourmesso’s quick success across Europe is the unique combinations of high quality coffee, made of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world, offered at a price a price unmatched by any of the other companies on the market. This way Gourmesso provides its consumers with a high end product on  a price up to 30% lower than the original Nespresso capsules.

The company currently offers 16 different blends and is constantly looking to stretch that number by adding no less than 5 new blends each year. Quite recently we introduced an exciting new flavoured blend with a hint of Nutmeg, which has been enjoying a massive success. The high number of coffee variations that Gourmesso offers is yet another distinctive advantage of the company as opposed to all other Nespresso alternatives.

A full list of machines compatible with the Gourmesso coffee capsules can be found at our website.

I can’t say what I think of the coffee, but I can say what I think of the concept. I like it! I normally buy compatible items for gizmos we have at home, such as supermarket water filters, not Brita cartridges. Why pay extra when things work the same?

A screenshot from Gourmesso website

A screenshot from Gourmesso website


One lucky duck can win 2 packs of Gourmesso, in their own choice of flavours or type. So that’s 20 coffee pods in all, for free, to your door step.

Sound good? Wanna win? Go on then…..
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