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In this house none of us like football, so things like the football world cup are not fun to us. So many people suddenly wearing just their countries team colours. So many “did you see that goal” comments the day after a big game.

I am sorry footie fans, I just don’t get what is fun about it. To be honest I’d much rather be in warmer place, somewhere where I don’t speak the lingo. Somewhere I miss the “did you see the game last night? Shocking performance wasn’t it?” from the locals as I won’t have a clue what they are saying. Somewhere I’ve never been. Somewhere with good food and ice cream. ITALY.


A canvas of our only family holiday abroad.

None of us have ever been to Italy but the hotel in Orlando was Italian themed and called the Portifino Bay Hotel. It was amazing, and it turns out very accurate as the area was an almost perfect copy of the real Portifino in Italy. I would so love to try proper Italian gelato and ice cream. The fun of ordering things I can’t pronounce, I could end up with something crazy like prawn and cheese topped gelato if i tried to ask for an ice cream with sauce and a flake!

That’s part of the fun of being abroad I think. Part of the appeal. But we haven’t crossed the water to escape Old Blighty for a while now. We went to Paris in France by Eurostar when D was a toddler, so about 9 years ago, and we went to Orlando in Florida when Jen was a toddler, about 3 years ago.

Blokey’s travel list is France, Orlando and Baltimore in America and Canada. I’ve been to France, Germany/Switzerland border villages, Orlando and Australia. D has been to France and Orlando, but little Jen has only been to Orlando.

And this is why I am writing this here post. I would love to win a holiday with Tots100 blogs. The prize is only available in World Cup week, but I am willing to ask, beg, argue, cry and discuss this “unavoidable absence” with the headmistress. We need a break, I’m sure I could persuade them!

This is my entry to the Al Fresco Holidays and Tots100 World Cup challenge

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