So excited! 2

I know I know, I shouldn’t put exclamation marks in a title, but I have. So there.
I am excited. We are going to Italy because I wrote this post recently. Daddy/Blokey can’t get time off work but Jen, D and I are going. All last week I was excited it is nearly #BritMumsLive now that isn’t as exciting (sorry bloggers).

On Friday I will still be going to #BritMumsLive, then I will meet Blokey and the boys at my Mum’s house (mum is dog sitting) near London then driving us to Gatwick. This means today I booked flights. I have never ever booked flights, I feel so grown up! Hehehe.

This means I won’t see the BiBs awards on Saturday, but whoever wins I bet you deserved it.

This also means I need to get my kids to pack. I’ve got the passports out, the EHIC (card thing that replaced E1-11 forms) and I know which suitcase I am getting out of the loft.

But seriously this is like a last minute panic. What should I not forget to pack? We always pack and plan and book things way in advance – doing things quick like this is stressful. Worth it though!

I’ve begged and pleaded and got the ok from both schools, I was convinced I would get told off but no. One member of teaching staff (not saying which person or school!) had a chat with me “rules schmules! I think children learn so much more from real life experiences like this than doing work books in a classroom can teach them. The boys will love it, and remember it forever. How could I say no?” then I say thanks and smile… “…but I must say, because the government make me, they they do not approve of in term time trips and it is likely you’ll get told off in a written letter.” they clearly disliked having to tell me that bit but I am pleased we’ve kinda got the okay to go.

Last night Jen realised he’s going to miss his class trip to the beach next week and apparently he “hates you Mummy” which is nice. So I reminded him Italy is the home of pasta and he loves me again, fickle child. D is pleased in his teenagerish way “sppossse I have to pack some stuff then? Can’t you do it? I carrn be bovered Mum”.

See you next weekend.

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