Stalking Awareness Day

National Stalking Awareness Day #NSAD2013

Check out for advice Today is National Stalking Awareness Day, or #NSAD2013 if you’re on twitter today. I wanted to post again on stalking as its been a while since I posted my own stalking experience, and that post is a few pages back now. As well as the stalking helpline website I have also found a useful site called Digital Stalking, and they have advice for staying safe online including tips on Facebook privacy settings. Another Anti-Stalking site is, not a catchy URL that, but they are on twitter as @EndToStalking which should be easier to remember. These days stalking is a crime, if you want to talk to someone please call 0808 802 0300 or if you are in danger always call 999. Don’t stay quiet, help is there. Here is an AudioBoo posted by Thames Valley police, its a stalking victim talking about her experience. […]

Stalking Awareness – I’ve Been Stalked 5

It’s not just celebrities that get stalked. I’ve been stalked myself. April the 18th is Stalking Awareness Day, and some people with experience on this subject will also be blogging, hopefully I will link to those from my blog shortly. I’ve gone in a bit early, we all know how forgetful I can be.   My Stalker Experience It was over a decade ago, when I lived in Cornwall a man started acting odd. He was a bus driver, I simply said “Hello” one evening on the bus home, it was a half an hour bus journey in silence otherwise. It was a journey I took regularly. The bus route to and from my place of employment, not a great job, just a fast food staff person. The same bus drivers drove on each route but in shifts, so I knew their faces and names from their badges, and they […]