Daily archives: October 20, 2013

South Tyrol, Italy With a Twist

This post/video is sponsored by South Tyrol. <center><a href=”//social.ebuzzing.com/rdro/84974_26781_1236967_83739_37766_396235/www.suedtirol.info%2Fdolomighty%2F2013-01%3Futm_source%3DEBUZZ%26utm_medium%3DSMART_MAG_WIN%26utm_campaign%3DUK_WINTERCAMPAIGN_2013%23%21%2FSponsor%2FVideo”><img src=”” alt=”South Tyrol Italy with a twist” /></a></center><center><a href=”//social.ebuzzing.com/rdro/84974_26782_1236971_83739_37766_396257/www.suedtirol.info%2Fdolomighty%2F2013-01%3Futm_source%3DEBUZZ%26utm_medium%3DSMART_MAG_WIN%26utm_campaign%3DUK_WINTERCAMPAIGN_2013%23%21%2FSponsor%2FVideo”><img src=”” alt=”South Tyrol Italy with a twist” /></a></center>

Oxfam Christmas Toy Range 2

Jen and D received a lovely retro gift in the post thanks to Oxfam. It is a boxed set of glass “days-gone-by” marbles, although marbles aren’t modern, and unlikely to appeal to the 3DS generation my lads like them. On our recent holiday to Devon Jen wanted to buy marbles from every little gift shop we went near. As we were camping we refused to buy any, as we knew if they were lost camping in the woods there would be many tears and sniffling. When these marbles came Jen was very pleased, “Ooooooh these are them things I wanted to buy in Devon Mum!” Although we’ve had these in the house for over a week life gets in the way sometimes, parents evenings, dog adoptions, play dates with little friends, and we’ve just got around to playing with them – sorry Oxfam.   Like me you might have been unaware […]