Turn over those brain cells by playing some games 3

It’s great to be able to have some downtime playing a game, and yet it’s something that many of us never make much time to do. Playing a game seems like a frivolous use of our time, especially when we generally all lead such busy lives these days. View image | However, if you want a good excuse to play, then you may be pleased to hear that some studies have shown that playing games can help boost our brain power.

Oxfam Christmas Toy Range 2

Jen and D received a lovely retro gift in the post thanks to Oxfam. It is a boxed set of glass “days-gone-by” marbles, although marbles aren’t modern, and unlikely to appeal to the 3DS generation my lads like them. On our recent holiday to Devon Jen wanted to buy marbles from every little gift shop we went near. As we were camping we refused to buy any, as we knew if they were lost camping in the woods there would be many tears and sniffling. When these marbles came Jen was very pleased, “Ooooooh these are them things I wanted to buy in Devon Mum!” Although we’ve had these in the house for over a week life gets in the way sometimes, parents evenings, dog adoptions, play dates with little friends, and we’ve just got around to playing with them – sorry Oxfam.   Like me you might have been unaware […]

Christmas Eve Eve 2

Tonight we’ve been playing Uno and Monopoly Deal card games. Cheesy Christmas songs and then the new “War Of The Worlds” cd again. Not traditional as such, but kids chose war of the Worlds, believe it or not. Jen is a bit obsessed by it, but I remember I wore out my mother’s record copy of the original! Takes after me. We were playing cards for hours. Monopoly deal is much easier than the board game. I recommend it a lot. Its no good for Jen but he isn’t good at maths or reading yet – he’s four years old. D is great at this though. Basic point is some cards are properties like the four black train stations and super expensive dark blues and some are wild cards, a property card with more than one property but you must chose what colour you are using it as. See the […]

Traditional Christmas games.. 2

The other evening I snapped a lovely couple of photos of my boys, during a rare occurrence, we were all playing family games together. Sadly the smiles didn’t last long, Jen had a temper tantrum and ran off saying was unfair, despite him majorly wining. He had thousands, we only had a couple of hundred notes each, and he had properties with hotels! Was cute, while it lasted.

Review, Red Rover and other games from Mattel

I was lucky enough to be sent 3 board games by and Mattel. I use the word board loosely, as there was no board, but you know what I mean. I’m going to start by talking about Red Rover (£21.99 at Toys r us) I was honestly expecting this game to be a bit boring and the kids to not be interested. I was wrong! apparently it has been advertised on children’s tv and my youngest (aged 4) actually nicked it. I had put it in my room, and was going to wait for a quiet time and check it out myself first, then have the boys play with it. No chance! He wanted it a lot.