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Jen and D received a lovely retro gift in the post thanks to Oxfam. It is a boxed set of glass “days-gone-by” marbles, although marbles aren’t modern, and unlikely to appeal to the 3DS generation my lads like them. On our recent holiday to Devon Jen wanted to buy marbles from every little gift shop we went near. As we were camping we refused to buy any, as we knew if they were lost camping in the woods there would be many tears and sniffling.

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Ludo £7.99
Dominoes £4.99
Marbles £4.99

When these marbles came Jen was very pleased, “Ooooooh these are them things I wanted to buy in Devon Mum!” Although we’ve had these in the house for over a week life gets in the way sometimes, parents evenings, dog adoptions, play dates with little friends, and we’ve just got around to playing with them – sorry Oxfam.


Like me you might have been unaware that Oxfam had any new products, but they do. They aren’t in every store, I had a look in my local Oxfam (which is tiny) and sadly they don’t stock these. The information I was given said to look at the store locator page (Linked below) for details of where to find them but I couldn’t locate any nearby, I’m assuming they simply aren’t listed on the shops info pages, but I would expect to find them in the larger stores. Even if you can’t find these retro toy products in your nearest Oxfam you could just browse – that’s the thing about charity shops, you never know what is going to be donated.





After a few games oh aiming for the biggest marbles the boys decided how cool it would be to use hot wheels tracks to launch the marbles at each other….

I would suggest these toys are ok for the real kids, but much better for the bigger kids who remember them from the old days, the good’ole days.

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Mini wooden construction kit £3.49

I like little craft sets like these, because I had similar kits as a child. They also sell a Knitting doll set for £4.99 and a knitting kit for £9.99. Knitting and woollen crafts are one of those things kids just don’t know how to do anymore. I tried to teach D, but he was too “manly” to learn “girlie knitting” apparently.

Makes you feel all nostalgic to play with toy from your youth. I think one of the best things about these retro toys and games is that it helps Oxfam, rather than a big business somewhere.

Copyright OXFAM

Village in a box £6.99




With a great range of responsibly sourced items in nearly 700 high street shops nationwide, including food & drink, gifts, games and decorations, Oxfam is the perfect place to pick up a present this Christmas.  Many products support small-scale farmers or social enterprises and use sustainable materials to help reduce the environmental impact. What’s more, the money raised is used to help Oxfam’s vital work fighting poverty around the world.

All products are available at selected Oxfam shops.  For more information, and to find your nearest stockist, please visit www.oxfam.org.uk/shopfinder

About Oxfam

Oxfam is a global humanitarian, development and campaigning organisation working with others to overcome poverty.  From life-saving emergency response to life-changing development projects and campaigning for lasting change, Oxfam works in 94 countries as part of the Oxfam International confederation to tackle poverty at its roots.

Oxfam has one million supporters in the UK.  For every £1 donated, 84p is spent on emergency, development and campaigning work, 9p is spent on support and governance and 7p is invested to generate future income.  Oxfam has nearly 700 high street shops across the UK selling donated fashion, books, music, homewares and new ethical products.  It is supported by a workforce of 22,000 volunteers.  Oxfam also launched the UK’s first online charity shop in 2007.

Oxfam GB is affiliated to Oxfam International, a global confederation of 17 independent Oxfams which share the same purpose.

Visit www.oxfam.org.uk

We recieved the marble set for free, we have not been paid to post this. Mine and my children's opinions remain honest.

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