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Matilda Mae is a beautiful girl who died on 2nd February 2013 and became an angel too soon. Her Mum Jennie writes a blog too. If you want to read the moving blogs of Jennie and Matilda Mae’s story The night we found you sleeping is where I recommend you read first.


Why I care?

In the days, weeks and months that followed this awful event I thought of Matilda Mae’s family often, and now see Jennie as my friend. The news of Matilda Mae’s sudden death shook many of us in the parent blogging and social media communities. Matilda’s death touched so many lives. To me her family are amazing and inspirational.

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In 2013 I skydived for Matilda Mae, and helped raise a few thousand pounds with #TeamMatildaMae. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, and I said I’d never do it again, but I changed my mind. On the 2nd of August 2014 I parachute jumped again. I must be a bit nuts for having the “balls” to do it more than once with vertigo! Laughing at me is fine, I don’t care if I’m used as a “bad example” again by the rest of #TeamMatildaMae – I know I’m funny! Seriously though, I’d rather have a panic attack and scream, if there is any chance this crazy fundraising saves a little life. I do this for Matilda, I do this for Jennie, and I do it for the Lullaby Trust.

The Bliss Star Fund

As well as the skydiving there have been many other fundraising activities and events that have happened, and will continue to happen,  in memory of Matilda Mae. The Welly Walk, the Matilda Mae memorial auction, letters to Matilda Mae and the Bliss star fund. Bliss is a charity for premature babies, which helps look after the families around a premature birth, and fund research in to trying to save lives of these early babies.

Matilda Mae’s legacy is tens of thousands of pounds already. That’s amazing, but we are not finished yet!

The #MMskydive

Team Matilda Mae started as a group of nine interneters, and on 20th July 2013 we went skydiving in the memory of Matilda Mae. I also jumped in 2014, and am on the list for this summer.

Matilda Mae was just nine months old when SIDS, or cot death as I still knew it, stole a lovely little person from a loving Mummy, Daddy and siblings. It seemed so senseless, so cruel. I knew I had to do something, but what?

Then I saw tweets about doing something a bit crazy for the Lullaby trust, a charity that helps families SIDS  has hurt, and also research in to why this still is happening, so hopefully will prevent some deaths in the future. I wrote a post about Why I felt I had to jump, if you fancy reading it.

If you would like to see what I raised see my Julie’s MMskydive 2013 or MMskydive 2014 pages. Or just laugh at me jumping.

#TeamMatildaMae would like your help!

In the days leading up to the jumps we would love other bloggers and social media fans, to create a bit of a BUZZ about the skydive. It would be amazing to trend on twitter again during the jump. What we really need is other bloggers, yes, I’m looking at you please, and thanks.

If other bloggers could write a post that mentions #MMskydive and our JustGiving team page  this would help a great deal. Hashtag the heck out of it, and share like crazy. We might be a bit too busy to tweet during skydives!

It doesn’t matter what style the writing is, whether you say the lot of us are nutters or amazing, whether you write about something brave you want to do or have done. We just want you to get involved and help us get people who’ve not heard of Matilda Mae reading, learning about SIDS and hopefully donating!

The only thing that I’d request in each post is the #MMskydive tag, and a just giving page link, the rest is down to you! Let’s do this! Let’s get thousands of pounds in donations for the Lullaby trust, and hopefully save little lives.

Tweet it loud!

If you’re online the around the time of our skydive please tweet #MatildaMae and/or #MMskydive a few times if you can.

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