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Ok, I’m ok! I did it, I said I would do it.
I jumped from a plane, at 13,000 feet! Yes I screamed, yes I cried, yes I swore like a solider, but I’m proud of me.
I did it for charity and today the sponsorships increased in a lovely way. Thank you all. Thank you to the lovely people that donated, thank you to those that made #MMskydive trend on twitter, thank you to the other bloggers, and thank you anyone I’ve missed.


Photo by hg


The point of this insane jump?

To raise cash for the charity that help families that experience cot death, and to raise awareness for @LullabyTrust so that new parents know there is still a danger. I honestly, naively believed that cot death (modernly called SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome) was a thing of the past. That the lovely Anne Diamond had all but wiped out this SIDS back in the Eighties. I mean, no one talks about it, it must be hype based on the Eighties deaths right? Wrong!

I was stuned and shocked when I read of Matilda Mae’s death, reading her Mum Jennie’s beautiful, but heartbreaking words. It felt awful, this baby girl I’ve never met is dead, and I can’t stop crying! Maybe I felt guilty I had ignored the advice about second hand cots, maybe it’s because I often let my sons, as small babies and as toddlers, sleep in our bed with us. My boys could have died. I realised that, and continued crying for a girl I’d never met. It was a reaction my family couldn’t understand. But I felt so much for the Edspire’s, I needed to try to help. Like most parents on twitter I hugged my kids more, and said I love you more. Then I heard Hayley was organising a skydive, and I knew that’s what I had to do.

But now I’ve skydived, I’ve done what I promised I would do. I’ve helped the Lullaby Trust, and hopefully it’s helped Jennie too.

Things you aren’t told if you get the wrong angle for your head during freefall it will feel like drowning!
And those harnesses hurt, and I have plenty of bruises to my arms and legs.


Guess where the strap was?!?

I am pleased I helped Tilda and the Lullaby Trust, but as for myself? I have a stuck feeling, I’m proud I did jump despite my phobias but so disappointed with myself too. I just screamed and cried and paniced, I hardly looked at the sky, I didn’t do anything awesome like blowing bubbles in the sky or blowing kisses to Tilda, I didn’t say anything intelligent, I just shouted “f&*k” and “sorry” a lot.

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