Budget Bucket List 3

Money supermarket have another blogger challenge competition running.


The budget bucket list.

Well I heard about this and wanted to join in. I intended to write this post before my skydive, as the MSM logo for this challenge shows a happy, calm skydiver.

Skydiving could have been on my bucket list, but not anymore! I’ve done it, I really did it.


So new ideas!

I would love to swim with dolphins. In Australia. I went to Aussie a few years ago and I utterly fell in love with the place. One of the things we were meant to do was go swimming with Dolphins, near Adelaide. The day before we were due to go out on the boat, a horrible note was pushed under the hotel door, and under the doors of the rest of the group we were with. It said that as bad weather was reported for the next morning they were cancelling in advance. Gutted, literally gutted. I cried. I love dolphins, nearly as much as I adore kangaroos. Let’s face it, I should have been an Aussie.

Having long been in love with the beauty of the sky, space and the universe, I want very much to see The Northern Lights. I think it would be like a private fireworks display, without the noises. Awesome glowing skies, I might even be silent, just starring and enjoying it, whereas in reality I get excited, talk lots, photo things, and plaster it on twitter. 😉

Silverstone and Monaco. One of the things I like is motorsport, formula one in particular. But the costs are rather prohibitive for a mother with 2 kids that would freak out if I didn’t take them. Despite both my boys also liking cars, and luckily really, seeing as how I named them after racing drivers, we have never been to a formula one race. We have been able to go to Silverstone, Blokey, my sons and I. But only for other motorsports. I would want to be at Copse corner at Silverstone, or by the swimming pool on the roof of the Fairmont hotel in Monaco. That would be heaven.



I love the sound of Zorbing. Being tied in to an inflatable hamster ball, and thrown down a hill. Let me do that!

Or getting inside the McLaren technology centre. I have entered so many competitions to try to get to met the McLaren team, its a beautiful building, and an amazing team with some blindingly good history. I want to be there, not see it on tv.

Another thing I have never done is paintballing. I know it is meant to hurt, but I suspect would be so fun I wouldn’t care two hoots until the day after when I can see the bruises. For some reason I am a great shot with weapons, I’ve shot guns and done archery and hit the bulls eye both times despite never doing it before then. Also I’m pretty mean with a kids catapult! I think I would worry some of the big butch looking men that see women as weaker, PS, lads, I can climb trees so I’d kick butt in a paintball place in a private woodland.



I have to tag 3 other bloggers, but as its an hour until the closing time I think they won’t be happy!

Fiona, Clare and Carolin I am tagging you folks just because you are online right now. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Budget Bucket List

  • Coombemill

    What an adventurous girl you are! I hope you get to do some of your dare devil stunts. I bet you were a natural at the skydive with a wish list like the one here. All the best of luck to you and thank you for the tag. Don’t think I’m going to make it but perhaps just as well as I’m not nearly so brave!

  • Clare Nicholas

    Thanks for the tag.
    Zorbing is fab I did it a few years b4 having Emmy. We opted for the water version as was a hot day so had 3 buckets of water thrown in with us.
    Book at least 2 runs though as its over far too quickly.

    And skydiving. …well looks like I’ll be ticking that off next year for the #MMskydive2014 and I can wait!