Slightly overdue… Australia 2

A month ago I landed back in Blighty after going to the land down under. Well I think I will honestly struggle to get across how much I loved it, and how I truly miss the place after such a fleeting visit. I soooooooo want to go back, I wish I could.

On 4th November I took off from Heathrow, after a minor strop about Qantas seating plans…. my second holiday via plane, and they’d put me alone… away from my friend. Cue me, stamping, crying and talking to myself. I’m not a brat, but was stressful having the ITV DayBreak cameras there, emotions were getting out of hand. Qantas had little choice, I was stood ON my seat until a reshuffle took place. :-/ my Mate Jacki stayed calm, fair play to her, I know I’m annoying!

It was hours and hours of flying.. we arrived in Sydney late night about 24 hours later. We were promised food but this never happened, so we went for a late night walk/run around Rushcutters area of Sydney. We were both overtired and hyper. I suggested checking out the pool with the intention of waking early to go, but I put my toes in, then sat on the edge, the urge was too much, I jumped in wearing bra and pants, I dared Jacki and she did join in. Was amazing, an open air rooftop heated saltwater pool. Floating about at midnight, stareing at the stars. We thought we has got away with it, but 2 other guests walked onto the pool roof just as we were getting out, saw us in wet undies. Boy did we laugh!!

The next morning we climbed Sydney harbour bridge… was a record hot day, and they sent us up WITHOUT water. A few of us suffered medically, Jacki and me both didn’t leave the right way. She was carried off by firemen, and I had a rescue blokey make me RUN off the bridge the shortcut way. Spent that afternoon in Sydney hospital, beautiful building! Huge grand architecture.

The rest if our group flew from Sydney to Adelaide that afternoon, and also got to see Sydney city I believe. We went back to Rushcutters to sleep it off. Flights were hastily arranged by tourism Australia, our guide from Destination NSW was in the phone most of afternoon rearranging things for us. Due to the hospital visit, we did miss out on somethings, but we cant change this.
Next day we flew to Adelaide to tag back into our group. This was a bloody long day. A taxi, a plane, a chauffeur car, a coach, a ferry, then a mini bus…. we had arrived in paradise. Kangaroo island. “the zoo without bars” stunning! We had a hotel room bigger than many flats I’d lived in, 2 balconies, massive shower, jacuzzi bath, kitchen with dishwasher… but the best bit was the view. Straight out across never-ending pure, pretty, glistening ocean.

The next day we were taken around KI by mini buses, ours was called “the naughty bus” as Rod with Rachel, and Jacki with myself made a lot of rude remarks and we spent. Most of the day hysterically laughing. This was also the day I would met real ‘Roos.

To me kangaroos are special, my late grandfather had called me Roo since I was very young, I had kangaroo teddies and longed for the day I could finally go to Aussie like nan and Gramps. They would go every few years…. I never thought I would go, so thank you again ITV and Tourism Australia.

I was excited getting off the bus, a bit hyper, then quiet…. it hit me. Here I am, most beautiful place in the world, and I’m crying like a baby, in front of people, cameras, a video crew. Was overwhelming, and I was gone, felt like Gramps was with me… I know I missed him but when a hugely powerful memory slaps you in the face you really do realise just how much.

We had a posh BBQ in the bush, fish and salad. Sat on wooden benches under canvas, in the total wild. I was bitten by a spider, but worth it. Then me Rod, Rachel and Jacki went for a walk towards a pretty clearing, all of a sudden we notice a male roo in the trees, hiding. He was big, and not happy to be disturbed. He was both scary and magnificent. You could see how powerful he was, we backed away slowly. As we walked we saw funnel web spider holes in the ground. I was disappointed not to see any snakes!

There were various parrots all around, lively and bright colours. They all sounded so different and alien to me, as I’m not a frequent traveller. I saw an echidna run out across the road, the tour guide asked if anyone knew what it was. I did! Was reading all those Aussie nature books when I was dreaming as a kid. I also was the only one to identify a strange noise as a frog.

Other animals I saw included a turtle, seals, sealions, penguins, sheep, roos, spiders, monitor lizard, a gecko lookalike lizard, giant ants, koalas or tree-fleas as the locals call them.

I need to go back.. can someone pay over the odds for my house, pleasey? Damsel in need here… I’m not suited to the cold.

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