#MMskydive – Why Am I Skydiving For The Lullaby Trust? 2

The last few days Team Matilda Mae have been busy talking about ideas for fundraising and I realised I’ve not really explained why I want to do this. Why am I willing to jump from a plane for a family I’ve never met? Why should I even care?

Well here goes, I care simply because I am a Mum too. I saw the tweets from Jennie about Matilda Mae and all my sympathy, and thoughts were with her, I wanted to fix this. Hoped so hard it was a mistake, that She might wake up. I cried reading my screen, Jennie was not just words on a screen, she was a real lady, sharing her real emotions, and I needed to fix it, to help, to listen.

But I can’t fix it, there is nothing anyone can do to bring Matilda back, but by doing something mad for The Lullaby Trust charity we can make her death mean something. Maybe, just maybe, me and the other 8 ladies doing the #MMskydive can make a difference. If our fundraising can help advise families on things such as safer sleeping, if that money can pay for some research, or help a bereaved family become support workers for other families that sadly come face to face with tragedy, or saves just one tiny life, then it is totally, totally worth doing this jump.

Why is this a challenge for me? Well the phobias! Quite frankly my partner and kids think I can’t do this, which means I am highly motivated. I WILL DO IT! When I’m told I can not do something, or I might fail, or that it is a bad idea, I hear that as “I dare you, in fact I flipping double dare you, wimp!”

The relevant phobias are
Claustrophobia, this plane is tiny.
Vertigo, heights worry me, rather a bit!
Strangers, I have trouble integrating with other people because of the DDNOS.

But being slightly mad is helpful too, part of DDNOS is I can continue to function in scary or dangerous situations, my mind creates a temporary block, I’ll function on “automatic” and I most likely will cry only once I am safe. My illness can actually help me do something amazing, weird huh?

Team Matilda Mae are now “pooling” our donations, so it does not matter which one of us you donate to. We are all trying different things, and last night I agreed to put purple and maybe pink in my hair! Some are doing bake sales, or bucket collections, and I’m still offering advertising space for donations.

In terms of publicity, I am in contact with my local radio station, and should be interviewed soon, but we, as a team, would appreciate any blog posts or social media shares to increase the audience of our JustGiving team page!

The downside to us all being Mummy bloggers, from similar networks is when we post we are often asking the same people for donations which is why donations appear to have stalled slightly. A quick add up of the 9 donation pages means we need just under £1k, which sounds a lot, but that is about £110 each. We can do this, we WILL DO THIS.

I thank you all for your support, whether it is to another member of Team Matilda Mae, or myself, all donations are very, very welcome.

The other ladies that have written about why they are doing this are Hayley, Monika, Susanne, Rachel, and Michelle.

If you want to go to my own JustGiving page it is JMskydive.

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