Sleepy time tips 2

How do you get your children to sleep? My boys share a room and have bunk beds, this was a bad idea with a 6 year age gap! The little one doesn’t understand that his big bro needs some kip before getting up early for school. Top 3 tips that work for us. 1, Offer the boys drinks about half an hour before bed time, as you can guarantee they are going to start on “Mummy I NEEEED a drinky before bed.” as soon as you say bed time.2, no computers, DS, or DVDs within half hour before bed time either.3, Most importantly, I stagger the times they go upstairs to bed. If they go together they will argue. Best thing is our eldest goes to bed first as he’s asleep soon after he lays down, then toddler follows him and it won’t matter how long babe chatters nonsense for. […]