nit comb

Head lice, schools and sleepover tips 3

Now the kids have been back at school for a little while head lice are rife again amongst my youngest and his school buddies. I remember having awful head lice at school myself, and that I could count the moving critters on the back of a certain girls head. Every time I got rid of them I would get them right back at class. I vividly remember the foul smelling witches brew of a cure that we had as nit treatment back then. Oh the smell would just not fade even if you washed it six times in a row. Luckily times have changed. Allow me to introduce Lyclear. It comes in a spray bottle to make it dead easy and fast.

Nightmares and Weird Dreams 1

I feel sorry for my Partner.Since my medication was increased I’ve been having more vocal outbursts whilst asleep. Whilst I don’t think my dreams are any worse than before, this last week has been interesting for the poor blokey. On Saturday morning in the early hours I was having one of those dreams about the past again, not pleasant sort of dream, I was muttering in my sleep then I apparently punched him hard twice in the back. Not a little half-hearted slap, a proper punch from which he’s still sore now. I remember feeling threatened in my dream, and I had attacked someone to defend myself, of course I later learnt I hadn’t *just* dreamt about hitting out. Sunday morning also in the middle of night I started shouting. I vaguely remember giving some strongly worded insults in my dream/nightmare. Again it was a dream involving Domestic Violence from […]

Insomnia again

Writen at 2am, Why am I awake when I’ve got to be up for work in the morning? The last few weeks have been much worse for my sleep problem. The problem is I’m stuck in a feedback loop situation, perpetually tired! I can’t sleep, awake until 2 or 3am then meant to be up at 7 to 7.30 ish each day to get the kids washed, dressed and fed. What really happens is I struggle, try to keep my eyes open, then fail miserably…. wake up half an hour or more later and do everything in a blind panic. I’ve got good at putting on foundation as I cycle one-handed, but that’s not a good thing to admit really! Right now as I type into my phone my partner, although I should say fiance, is fast asleep making a hideous amount of noise…. I’m tempted to record and you […]

Sleepy time tips 2

How do you get your children to sleep? My boys share a room and have bunk beds, this was a bad idea with a 6 year age gap! The little one doesn’t understand that his big bro needs some kip before getting up early for school. Top 3 tips that work for us. 1, Offer the boys drinks about half an hour before bed time, as you can guarantee they are going to start on “Mummy I NEEEED a drinky before bed.” as soon as you say bed time.2, no computers, DS, or DVDs within half hour before bed time either.3, Most importantly, I stagger the times they go upstairs to bed. If they go together they will argue. Best thing is our eldest goes to bed first as he’s asleep soon after he lays down, then toddler follows him and it won’t matter how long babe chatters nonsense for. […]

Can’t Sleep

Such a good start to my week off, its almost 3am my time and I can not sleep. I think I went past being tired if you know what I mean. Am ruddy tempted to watch bbc’s red button coverage of the f1 but if I do this hubby will be annoyed! Grr