Jen’s #DreamBed would be…. 1

A couple of years ago we made the mistake of putting our boys in a bunk bed in the box room. Our home isn’t huge and it seemed a great idea to have both Jen and D sleep in the box room, and share D’s older room as a playroom. Sadly as neither truly has their own space they argue like cat and dog over territory! If you’re considering doing similar, don’t. It might be one of the worse home making decisions we ever made. They need their own space, even if one of them gets a box room.

Park Resorts at Cayton Bay 4

On Monday we drove up North to Cayton Bay in North Yorkshire, near Scarborough. The reason we came so far from home was my sister wanted to visit where our Grandparents lived. A place we remember for good and bad times. Upsettingly my sister let us down and hasn’t come – I won’t say much on that in case she reads this but I am disappointed. We wouldn’t have gone on a 4 hour drive except she suggested we go somewhere together. Now on to Park Resorts….. When we booked this months back we paid the deposit then a few weeks later got a very stroppy letter saying words similar to “you haven’t paid the full balance yet so your booking is cancelled and deposits lost”. We phoned the number on the letter and the phone system was a nightmare, I think on the third attempt we got through to […]

Parragon Sharks – Discover their underwater world 1

The lovely folks at Parragon sent D another book in the same series as the dinosaurs encyclopaedia we previously reviewed, this one is called Sharks : discover their underwater world. We have had this for a while now, and I do feel a bit guilty about taking our time to get this post published, but the wear on the books spine shows how much he likes this book. His little brother, Jen, is not a fan as he is afraid of sharks, and the photos are brilliant quality. So clear in fact we’ve had to ban D from taking this book on car journeys as he was making Jen cry.

One of Those Nights

It’s way past bedtime and here I am, wide awake and trying to ignore the urge to tidy the house. Can I sleep now. Today, well technically yesterday, I went to the weekly Psychotherapy appointment but this time I broke down in tears. A snotty, damp red faced mess. Gawd how much I wanted a hug then, but can’t hug or even shake a doctor/therapists hand. He had me explain why I feel such overwhelming desire to “protect the youngest” in most situations, why my eldest resents me. Why I’m always so self negative. What happened at the boys births and how I said goodbye to D at five days old and telling him to look after his Daddy, because a doctor told me I’d die by morning. How I thought I’d die if I was pregnant again. How I hate myself for being a rubbish mum. Being disappointed in […]

Brolly Sheets review 50

As readers will know, Jen is really disrupting sleep in this house. We’ve been trying different routines and reward charts to give him more bedtime structure and this is helping a little. Jen’s most annoying bed time habit is refusing to go to, or stay in his bed a whole night. He was OK when still in nappies, and stayed in his bed until daylight. Since Jen has been mostly dry in the daytime its been loo before bed and a waterproof plastic under sheet, with accidents still happening at night. He hated that noise so much, the hot and sweaty crinkly sounding sheet. I think trying to be prepared did more harm than good in his case. Which brings me round to Brolly Sheets. It’s a bright bed pad that you put over an ordinary cotton bed sheet but just at shoulder to knee area on the bed, no need to protect toes […]

Trying Very Hard

Little Jen as I recently mentioned might look cute but he is making bedtime hell in this house. Most nights Jen refuses to go to bed, sleeping anywhere except his bed. Most nights this means he’s asleep on the sofa after an argument. If I get him into bed chances are he will cry in the night and come into my room… Then there’s the bed wetting. Yup, that’s still going on! In the battle of wills, he definitely inherited my stubbornness, and often he wins not me. I’m getting tough now though, I have a nice man who has been visiting me to help improve my parenting skills. He is teaching me how to keep chilled even when the boys are throwing strops. The social worker suggested he come and help me, and yay! When Jen gets out of bed in the middle of the night sometimes I even […]

Sleepy time tips 2

How do you get your children to sleep? My boys share a room and have bunk beds, this was a bad idea with a 6 year age gap! The little one doesn’t understand that his big bro needs some kip before getting up early for school. Top 3 tips that work for us. 1, Offer the boys drinks about half an hour before bed time, as you can guarantee they are going to start on “Mummy I NEEEED a drinky before bed.” as soon as you say bed time.2, no computers, DS, or DVDs within half hour before bed time either.3, Most importantly, I stagger the times they go upstairs to bed. If they go together they will argue. Best thing is our eldest goes to bed first as he’s asleep soon after he lays down, then toddler follows him and it won’t matter how long babe chatters nonsense for. […]