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As readers will know, Jen is really disrupting sleep in this house. We’ve been trying different routines and reward charts to give him more bedtime structure and this is helping a little.

Jen’s most annoying bed time habit is refusing to go to, or stay in his bed a whole night. He was OK when still in nappies, and stayed in his bed until daylight.

Since Jen has been mostly dry in the daytime its been loo before bed and a waterproof plastic under sheet, with accidents still happening at night. He hated that noise so much, the hot and sweaty crinkly sounding sheet. I think trying to be prepared did more harm than good in his case.

Which brings me round to Brolly Sheets. It’s a bright bed pad that you put over an ordinary cotton bed sheet but just at shoulder to knee area on the bed, no need to protect toes from wee issues. You just tuck the big wings under the sides of the mattress. If little one does wee in the night you just change their pjs and pull off the Brolly Sheet, the normal bedding is all still in place under where the Brolly sheet was. Bung the sheet and the pjs in the washing machine, no drama at all.

Brolly Sheets have been lovely, I have been in contact with them and they’ve sent me two sheets. One in blue, one in a funky lime.

One says MINE one says TO SHARE.

Jen wanted the lime to my surprise, which means the blue one will be given away on my blog.

Here is the lime green Brolly Sheet on Jen’s bed.

It’s a “box” bedroom I’m afraid, so the lighting is poor! His duvet and pillow match his personality, he loves cars. Although you can’t see it in this photo there is a lime green racing car on his duvet that matches his new sheet. In the background you might notice Racing Bunny… Yes even his teddies are petrol heads.

With any luck this bed combo will see him going to sleep super fast!

Unfortunately Saturday morning was another wet bed. The Brolly Sheet worked. Mattress and white sheet were still dry! The quilt was a bit damp but Jen does fidget and wrap the quilt underneath himself.

Washed and in the tumble, low heat only but it is very helpful to be able to dry it quickly.

Back on the bed, washed, tumbled and warm. (Same pillow and duvet covers as were also washed. These are his favourite bedding set.)

I really liked this, and I was surprised that Jen chose the lime coloured sheet, which means I have the blue to give away to a parent, Grandparent or Carer.

A good thing about these bed pads is they are easy peasy to use. It means that underneath his bum and body is a slightly padded area, sandwiched between soft cotton and a waterproof layer. This makes it feel comfortable to lie on, no crunch noise like old fashioned plastic sheets, also it is considerably nicer looking.

These aren’t just good for wee accidents, but if an older child says they feel sick at night pop one of these on the bed for a quick tidy up if they did vomit in the night. Another use I can think of is for co-sleeping Mummies that breast feed their baby in bed, these would catch milky dribbles. I remember when I breast fed my sons in bed that I would lay a towel over the top half of the bed, this meant I would wake up with a towelling pattern imprinted on my arm or face! If I had had a Brolly Sheet instead it would have been much better! (Stop laughing!)

I am going to be taking this when we go away camping, I remember the last camping trip, Jen wet the bed. As we were camping that meant taking an inflatable bed out of the tent and hosing it off in front of other campers, then laying it over the roof of our car to dry, a teeny tiny bit embarrassing that was. With a damp brolly sheet I could just pop it in a bag and go to a laundrette.

For anyone else struggling with night time accidents it might be worth checking out ERIC website which is all about incontinence issues, including bed wetting.

Jen said “It’s so your beds don’t get wet, but I still wet in mine but the white bit was dry! It is snuggly warm under my tummy. I like green it is parrot coloured which is cool.”

Brolly Sheets come in various colours, and not just for single beds either.

Photo from BrollySheets site.

Disclosure : I was sent a Brolly Sheet for me to review. My opinions are still my own.

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