bed wetting

After Camping

Well a fortnight away normally creates much laundry, however this was increased by Jen’s bed wetting. He is always worse when away from home, and he had 6 bed time accidents this holiday. I am so glad we took his brolly sheet, and our camping rotary washing line! We could rinse the smells away and hung to drip dry, then it was off to asda to buy some Surf as we’d forgotten that… Washing line, and clothes, but no soap. Doh!

B-Sensible Sheets Review and Competition (Ended) 121

As I’ve mentioned Jen is bed wetting at the moment. He’s four and a half, nearly five now so hopefully this stage will be over soon. I was using plastic sheets until recently. Jen had a meltdown about the crinkly crunchy noise it makes. He refused to go to his bed, sleeping on the floor. When he wet himself sleeping on my sheepskin rug on my bedroom floor that was the final straw! Worse than a wet dog smell. The lovely B-Sensible folks* have sent me a single fitted sheet to review. These sheets are meant to be comfortable, breathable yet still waterproof, and silent in use. We will see!If you did want to buy one of these sheets after reading my blog you can buy them at Luxury bedding products. To win one you will see the competition at the end of this post. COMPETITION ENDED.When I took the sheet […]

Brolly Sheets review 50

As readers will know, Jen is really disrupting sleep in this house. We’ve been trying different routines and reward charts to give him more bedtime structure and this is helping a little. Jen’s most annoying bed time habit is refusing to go to, or stay in his bed a whole night. He was OK when still in nappies, and stayed in his bed until daylight. Since Jen has been mostly dry in the daytime its been loo before bed and a waterproof plastic under sheet, with accidents still happening at night. He hated that noise so much, the hot and sweaty crinkly sounding sheet. I think trying to be prepared did more harm than good in his case. Which brings me round to Brolly Sheets. It’s a bright bed pad that you put over an ordinary cotton bed sheet but just at shoulder to knee area on the bed, no need to protect toes […]

Trying Very Hard

Little Jen as I recently mentioned might look cute but he is making bedtime hell in this house. Most nights Jen refuses to go to bed, sleeping anywhere except his bed. Most nights this means he’s asleep on the sofa after an argument. If I get him into bed chances are he will cry in the night and come into my room… Then there’s the bed wetting. Yup, that’s still going on! In the battle of wills, he definitely inherited my stubbornness, and often he wins not me. I’m getting tough now though, I have a nice man who has been visiting me to help improve my parenting skills. He is teaching me how to keep chilled even when the boys are throwing strops. The social worker suggested he come and help me, and yay! When Jen gets out of bed in the middle of the night sometimes I even […]

The Little One is Going Through Another Stage. 2

Dear little Jen is refusing to sleep in his bed, so we’ve been refusing to hug, chat or anything after a few efforts to get him to his bed. Here he is last night… Asleep on my stairs. And earlier in the week he made a blanket nest instead of getting in bed… And here he is in his bedroom doorway! Anyone know why he is doing this? It’s not cute like the photos. It’s actually rather annoying he can sleep anywhere unless its at bed time and in his bed. :-/ We tried reward charts for behaving at bed time, we tried taking away favourite toys or time limits on them for being naughty, we’ve tried ignoring it but he goes on hours. And when he eventually gets to bed we are all tired and grumpy, then to make it more fun there is bed wetting thrown in. Struggling […]

Well its been a rough few weeks but I’m ok

For those of you I chat to on twitter you will know I’ve been having a hard time lately. My nan having a stroke, then dying then a funeral. My lovely partner being sent to Canada and USA last week, just when I needed him so very much. And then there are the ongoing issues , a bed wetting toddler. A stroppy mini teenager. Minor health problems…. It all gets too Much….but I’m coping better.