Trying Very Hard

Little Jen as I recently mentioned might look cute but he is making bedtime hell in this house.

Most nights Jen refuses to go to bed, sleeping anywhere except his bed. Most nights this means he’s asleep on the sofa after an argument. If I get him into bed chances are he will cry in the night and come into my room… Then there’s the bed wetting. Yup, that’s still going on! In the battle of wills, he definitely inherited my stubbornness, and often he wins not me.

I’m getting tough now though, I have a nice man who has been visiting me to help improve my parenting skills. He is teaching me how to keep chilled even when the boys are throwing strops. The social worker suggested he come and help me, and yay!

When Jen gets out of bed in the middle of the night sometimes I even manage to get him back in his bed following his advice. Go me, 😉

Jen is of course not so impressed I’m being taught ways to deal with him and D. My common response of late to try to deal with tempers and bad behaviour would be ask nicely many times, get no where and would end either shouting really loud or disappearing upstairs to cry and feel useless, a failure of a parent.

Well no more. The kids still try pushing their luck, and are rude to me, but I cope better now. If they are both moody it often involves the TV or a computer – I ask nicely for order then I don’t shout, if they do not do it I just calmly walk over and pull out the electric plug! Mid game or not.

If it is just Jen it’s always about food or bed time.

Next step, special bedding, sticker charts, strictness when needed… I’m going to win this war little guy.

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