Daily archives: March 12, 2013

Brolly Sheets review 50

As readers will know, Jen is really disrupting sleep in this house. We’ve been trying different routines and reward charts to give him more bedtime structure and this is helping a little. Jen’s most annoying bed time habit is refusing to go to, or stay in his bed a whole night. He was OK when still in nappies, and stayed in his bed until daylight. Since Jen has been mostly dry in the daytime its been loo before bed and a waterproof plastic under sheet, with accidents still happening at night. He hated that noise so much, the hot and sweaty crinkly sounding sheet. I think trying to be prepared did more harm than good in his case. Which brings me round to Brolly Sheets. It’s a bright bed pad that you put over an ordinary cotton bed sheet but just at shoulder to knee area on the bed, no need to protect toes […]

Another sleepless night

Jen is feeling unwell. The last few days he’s had nasty cough and been grumpy but ok. Today tiredness, high temperature and red eye plus the existing cough make me worry. Before lunchtime today, well yesterday now… Ok before lunch on Monday his teachers phoned me. “Hello it’s the school. Jen seems unwell, he’s too quiet and pale then he fell asleep. We’ve put a teddy under his head. Please come and get him?” me, “I will be there as soon as I can.” Poor lad. He looks like, well, awful!