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A couple of years ago we made the mistake of putting our boys in a bunk bed in the box room.
Our home isn’t huge and it seemed a great idea to have both Jen and D sleep in the box room, and share D’s older room as a playroom. Sadly as neither truly has their own space they argue like cat and dog over territory!
If you’re considering doing similar, don’t. It might be one of the worse home making decisions we ever made. They need their own space, even if one of them gets a box room.


For Jen’s #DreamBed he wants a Lego display shelf that his models can’t fall off of. So a clear perspex box around the shelf. Under bed built in storage, he wants it not as tall as a bunk bed though so he doesn’t headbutt the ceiling! Some toy draws, and some clothes draws, with a desk and a fold out chair. He doesn’t want a desk for homework though, he wants it for Lego building – so a nice long flat draw concealed under the writing surface would be brilliant for keeping all his instruction leaflets safe.

He suggests a heated mattress on a timer, a bit like an electric blanket but the whole bed would be warm (not hot) by bedtime, even his teddies. On the geeky theme he would like it to have 3DS/DSi and Android tablet charging wires in or near the desk that are retractable and shut off when fully charged so it won’t matter if he forgets to unplug them.

And finally, it needs a dog friendly ladder. Our dog Freya often sleeps with Jen, especially if he feels unwell as she Mothers him. It can’t be an open ladder, it must be more like boxed in stairs as she is afraid of heights. Stairs are okay, she is used to these now.

To sum up, he’s definitely dreaming. Nothing like this exists yet!
Pesonally I would go for the student bed Time4Sleep came up with, although this bed concept is meant to be for parents.

Disclosure : This is not a sponsored post but it is an entry to Time4Sleep’s #DreamBed competition to win an Uno Stomp cabin bed.

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